Welcome to our weekly picks; things we’ve been reading, following or pondering in the Chesamel HQ this week. Perfect for a Friday summary and a few useful and thought-provoking reads for an end of the week wind down.

We’ve recently welcomed a couple of new faces to our own team as we entered the New Year, and overall we hope and strive to make Chesamel a warm, welcoming environment filled with opportunities not only for personal development and business relationships but friendships too, for any member of the team, new or old!

Weekly Picks #1.

Slack, the workplace communication hub, (who have just unveiled a new logo ????) have summed up just how important it is to nurture a workplace which is inclusive and does not actively or incidentally ostracise any members of the team.  The most important word here, we feel – TEAM!

Weekly Picks #2.

How are those New Year’s resolutions going?  For digital professionals, it may be that this year’s was learning to code; it’s amongst one of the most in demand skills in 2019, with which you can become a full stack developer, highly demand this coming year, as is the development of machine learning and AI.  Alternatively work toward become an app creator in an industry which is still flourishing at a mind-boggling rate, or simply utilise these skills to maximise your contribution in a content role. Digital skills courses online are easy to find and easy to access, so you’ll soon run out of excuses! Time to get learning!

Website Codes

Weekly Picks #3.

We couldn’t not mention Brexit this week with such an overwhelming, record breaking defeat for Theresa May and her Brexit deal in the House Of Commons this Wednesday.   What this means for business in the UK has been speculated for a matter of years now, but undoubtably industries will continue to feel the consequences they are experiencing already.  The updates and news coverage have been understandably unavoidable and although the continual twists and turns and back and forths, the votes of no confidence being raised and threatened, manufactures a tricky situation to follow, it’s clear that regrettably, the Government are yet to announce an approved resolution for the deal. Stay tuned! #Brexit

UK Business

Weekly Picks #4.

The Las Vegas hosted conference, CES, rounded up last Friday, attend by 182,198 individuals overall, comprising of the exhibitors, the media and industry professionals.  If you missed out on the Twitter frenzy and the updates from the tech world, we have a quick digital trends roundup of some of the exciting featured products and announcements from the event here:

Digital Trends Roundup From CES 2019

Happy Friday to you all and have a lovely weekend! ????

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