Who are we?

Our Story

Chesamel was founded with a simple goal; to help business leaders focus on sustained growth and development by finding scalable solutions to resource management challenges, marketing and business transformation. Since our launch in 2008, we have always put our employees’ and clients’ interests first so that we are able to solve business problems by combining people, technology, marketing and bold ideas.

Our Mission

To bring companies and people together to collaborate, innovate and create a positive impact by solving problems and improving lives.

We work with business leaders across the private, public and social sectors to transform and grow sustainably with people and agility. Our agile capabilities in marketing, technology, learning and building sustainable teams enable organisations to remain competitive whilst making an impact.

Our Values

A little more about what makes us tick

Be Human

Be respectful and kind to yourself and the people around you. Always assume positive intent, resolve problems with empathy. Celebrate successes and welcome mistakes as learning opportunities.

Be Brilliant

Be unrivalled and passionate in everything you do. Ambiguity doesn’t stop you or slow you down from creatively solving problems and accomplishing amazing things.

Be Brave

Be brave in everything you do. Make courageous decisions. Search for alternative perspectives and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Build your own journey.

Be the customer 

Think like our customers and treat them as we would like to be treated. Always make time for them and put them first. Be highly responsive and exceed their expectations.

Why Work With Us?

Our commitment to accountability and transparency is the bedrock of our culture and therefore everything we do at Chesamel. By working together, we guarantee that we will deliver to the highest professional standards and communicate transparently with you.

Stakeholder Focus

We will always put you first. As a client or member of our team, we are dedicated to solve your problems creatively and thoughtfully at all times.


We are passionate about exceeding expectations and striving for excellence. And if we fall short of expectations, our promise is to learn and improve.


Our partnerships with clients and employee stakeholders is paramount to the success of any project we undertake. We believe in equal opportunities and a spirit of collaboration to achieve our goals.

Meet the team

Meet the people behind the organisation. Our team brings a unique mix of skills and experiences to the table that will help your business thrive. Take a deeper look at who makes that happen.

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