Our Mission

We're not a conventional company

Chesamel [pronounced Che-sa-mel] is not a conventional company, as you can probably tell by the company name. Since our launch in 2008, we have been committed to delivering exceptional workforce management and digital transformation coaching and delivery to support engaging campaigns for leading global organisations.

Chesamel is a business growth agency with the belief that people, digital transformation and engaging campaigns (whether in marketing, PR, retail, finance or IT) contribute to the long term success of an organisation. By this we mean that each area of the business can benefit from the expertise of one another within an organisation and can contribute to ultimately transform an idea into a success, together.

We are passionate about infusing and integrating culture, education and value driven workforce management to campaigns with a social and economic impact. It is for this reason that our business comprises of 3 pillars – learn, engage and discover. Our founding principles of transparency, excellence in productivity and diversity shape our values…

  • Freedom to innovate and solve problems
  • Developing people to be the best version of themselves
  • Integrity, honesty and openness
  • Making time to help others
  • We always think about the customer

Chesamel are currently helping Google deliver free skills training across the U.K through the Google Digital Garage; an initiative launched to help individuals, students and businesses boost their digital and productivity skills.

Our goal is to continue being a reliable partner for leaders in cross-functional roles across marketing, sales, policy, engineering and IT (the list is growing). Based in London, we work globally with a core full-time team and accredited experts to navigate digital transformation, machine learning and cloud innovation in addition to other technologies shaping the future workforce.

For more on our complete staffing and employer brand solutions, please visit our sister agency Discover Work.