Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

The largest companies in the world invest heavily in data analytics. In fact, 70% of organisations believe that data visualisation is vital to their success.

Data analytics can offer priceless insights into your company’s operations and consumer behaviour. As a result, it can assist your company in better understanding how to promote products, streamline operations, execute strategy, improve security, raise brand recognition and more.

We help you use data to get a 360-degree view of your business to transform efficiency and decision-making. Let us help you define data challenges and needs within your business and plan the ideal data solution to realise hidden opportunities while flagging underlying threats before they occur.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Explained

We convert complex data into pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards to improve efficiency, spot trends, track business performance and identify outliers.

Data Planning & Consultancy​

Data Planning & Consultancy

Our overall strategy guides organizations through an interdisciplinary approach, complemented by our advanced analytic solutions that maximize ROI. Chesamel’s experienced data consultants and business intelligence developers help businesses make swift and smart decisions by harnessing the power of data through best-in-class BI tools and data platforms.

Digital Transformation & Automation

We empower businesses by automating their routine tasks and generating smart insights from their data through the deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. We also enable your business to maximise the potential of your data and the insight it provides to transform and adapt to constantly evolving industries.

Digital Transformation and Your People
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Data Warehousing & ETL

We design and build infrastructure to enable data ingestion, extraction, integration, validation, transformation, security, storage, and serving.

Client Success

Chesamel helps businesses grow by delivering workforce solutions to enable business transformation.

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