Swatch MTV Playground

Swatch MTV Playground

The space for digital art creation and platforms which showcase this has flourished over the last 15 years, with 720,000 hours of video now uploaded to YouTube every day.

The Problem 

Generating campaign – Swatch MTV Playground

Swatch & MTV teamed up to launch an initiative set to help emerging artists and students to display their work; a platform to display 2D and 3D animation, illustrations, graphic art, fashion, motion design, film and music.

The Objective

The purpose of the media relations campaign was to introduce Swatch MTV Playground to selected lifestyle magazines in order to complement the social media campaign.


This was an exciting project allowing a variety of mediums to come together and share a creative space. As we have seen digital platforms evolve over the years we know how important it is to allow peers to become part of the conversation and for UGC to become part of campaigns. 

Drawing on our marketing experience, we were able to incorporate influencer campaigns to drive awareness of the project, spreading reach and building brand reputation at the same time. 

This campaign revolutionised what is now a must-have for any commercial campaign and paved the way for how consumers connect with content. This has driven exponential growth for companies like YouTube who have now reached 2.1 billion users. Along with the creation of further new platforms such as TikTok and live feeds from social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook.
(John Cofie 2021)


Chesamel worked with MTV to develop effective campaigns in strategic locations in key strategic locations to support social content. We also provided a PR strategy and the skills to deliver the strategy across two continents.  

More specifically, this was done via:

  • Developing influencer campaigns 
  • Deploying MEST solutions 
  • Talent Management

Sitting as part of our wider TPO (total project outsourcing) model, we applied our MEST (managed embedded services teams) to provide the skills that were needed to successfully execute the strategy we devised. This required minimal effort from the client but maximum gains in terms of building out their skill set, all managed remotely by Chesamel.

Cross global teams: We delivered a 16 strong, cross global team of PR specialists within 7 days.

Net Promoter Score: 12

Team Development: 12 month campaign was supported by training and onboarding of staff, completed in 10 days.

Global Collaboration: Developed working relationships across 27 strategic publications globally to provide coverage in emerging markets.

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