How We Deliver

Workforce Solutions

With Chesamel’s agile workforce solutions we offer a unique blended service which can help you with the entire process, from workforce planning, talent acquisition, talent management, development and retention.

What does it involve?

Embedded Consultants

Direct Recruitment

Embedded Consultants

Embedded consultants managed by Chesamel that specialise in a range of business areas to enable growth, save costs and implement more efficient ways of working. 

Consultants are strategically embedded in projects based on a defined brief from the client, allowing teams to be seamlessly scaled as required without impacting headcount. Specialised consultants plug skills and expertise gaps, allowing the project to be delivered on time with impact.

The Hub​

Chesamel’s agile agency has a community of experts on-hand to swiftly assist our clients with their current endeavours.

Tap into astute on-demand support to immediately facilitate a project of any size. Whether short-term or supporting our embedded consultants with out-of-scope projects, we provide flexible rolling contracts that can be easily extended and aligned with your business needs and budget.

Direct Recruitment

Finding you the most talented permanent or temporary employees who understand your business, buy into your culture, have the required expertise and mirror your values. If you have significant recruitment needs, we can also provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) under our embedded consultancy model, delivering end-to-end management of your talent acquisition needs.

Client Success

Chesamel helps businesses succeed and grow by delivering tailored workforce solutions that enable business transformation.

Ready to make a change?

If you’d like to learn more about how our agile workforce solutions could help your business, get in touch! 

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