Award winning cloud service provider, Ancoris, is one of UK’s leading Google Cloud Premier Partners specialising in digital transformation and workplace collaboration with cloud and mobile solutions.

Ancoris appointed the Chesamel marketing team to supplement their in-house marketing team to boost brand awareness, targeted marketing and lead generation activity in the lead up to an event co-hosted with Google.

The Objective

To provide strategic marketing assistance for events, building engagement and campaign management through embedding marketing personnel through TPO.

The Approach

  • Market research and data sourcing 
  • Cross targeted campaign outreach
  • Relationship and lead nurture direct communications 
  • Event and product promotion

The Result

Marketing Support

We cleansed Ancoris’ database to ensure that they have the most current and relevant pool of contacts. We reached out to their target market, using email marketing campaigns and telephone communications, sharing the Ancoris product offering and upcoming series of events – this has led to a number of qualified, face-to-face meetings booked for the senior sales team. 

TPO of Marketing Personnel 

We took a consultative approach to recruitment when sourcing an experienced marketing manager for Ancoris, taking control of the candidate discovery phase, interviews and onboarding to ensure a seamless start for both the candidate and Ancoris.

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