Netpremacy is the UK’s leading Google Cloud Premier Partner providing digital transformation and cloud deployment strategies to some of the biggest, most innovative brands today. Founded in 2000, their mission statement is “Using Innovative Technology To Solve Complex Business Needs” which spans digital transformation, data security and change management.

The Objective

Netpremacy briefed Chesamel with the objective of growing their brand awareness, as a world leader within Google Cloud service delivery. 

The Approach

Chesamel conducted a full brand audit, interrogating Netpremacy’s current brand positioning, online presence and target audience. Using these findings, we proposed an integrated marketing approach utilising video content, thought leadership insights, social media growth strategy and an overhauled website with the customer journey at its heart.

The Result

Within the first three months of embarking on this project, we produced a number of films, showcasing clients, partners, events and the Netpremacy brand. We also created weekly blogs monthly insight whitepapers and featured in industry publications. This brand content is utilised in integrated lead generation campaigns, engaging with target audiences and driving warm leads to the sales team at Netpremacy. An ongoing transformation of their website and overall digital strategy is underway to ensure they are able to optimise all of the tools available to grow their brand presence and build their sales pipeline. 

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