Learning and development is one of the core beliefs which lies at the heart of Chesamel and propels us forward each day.  The will and opportunity to learn new skills and build on those you already possess is how you move forward both in your career and in your personal life. No matter the level of digital skills you hold currently, improving digital skills is a need; in the Lloyd’s Customer Digital Index ‘4.3 million people in the UK alone with zero basic digital skills’ and ‘Currently 10% of the workforce do not have Basic Digital Skills’.  However ,which kind of digital skills training should you be concentrating on in 2019? Get ahead of the digital skills gap as it continues to grow and choose digital skills training which will carry you forward and help close them.



What is blockchain? You’ve heard of it, but you’re not quite sure just how it could help you in your career – sound about right? Well, it’s a rapidly emerging layer of the technology industry so it will stand you in good stead to equip yourself with even the most basic understanding to build on!  The intricate design of Blockchain enables data to be encrypted and transferred more securely, if Blockchain tools are embraced in your business and you have taken the initiative to train yourself previously, you’ll have granted yourself a sizeable advantage. If you wish to take this on as a skill to lead a career change, becoming a Blockchain developer could be an option for you in 2019!

Social Media:

It’s time for all to educate and up-skill themselves on what is, now, one of the most basic of marketing needs for any business. Businesses and organisations, small to large and all in between should be taking the time to learn the skill of social media; while to Generation Z and the Millennials it may be second nature, a thing that has grown with them, not all know how to use this tool for business.

Basic Digital Skills

AR & VR:

Master Augmented Reality and, or Virtual Reality and change the opportunities available to your company and your customers. With skills in this area, you may be able to work towards significant advancements in your field and develop unique experiences of your own.  This kind of digital skills training will serve you and any business you work with, in 2019, extremely well, opening new doors.


Cyber Security:

A wealth of expertise lacks in this area; therefore, this is an area of opportunity for your skills to be developed, to become a source of knowledge.  Security is of significant and growing importance to us all, following the many privacy scandals experienced in 2018, so with a shortage of skills in the area already and the demand for them only set to increase, what better variation of digital skills training to invest your time in?


AI & Machine Learning:

Not new to the ears of most, but still only on the rise; machine learning and AI are making large waves for many industries. The collection of data allows for algorithms to develop and build to provide a better and more accurate service for both sides of the business; the customer who will receive better-targeted ads for example, and the company who can collect more accurate data about their customers and their preferences.


Accessing new digital skills training in the New Year could not be simpler, with online learning readily available via so many platforms, and many of these for free; go ahead and embrace the New Year with a new skill!

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