Last week saw the end of CES 2019 one of the most innovative and exciting tech gatherings, held in Las Vegas and expanding over nearly 3 million square feet, from the event we get to experience and glimpses of the tech and digital trends for the year to come.  The conference advocates that every company is a tech company, and we have to say – we agree! Any company which wants to be at their best operationally, keep up with demand and satisfy customers, needs the latest technology to help them do it.


The foldable tablet made it’s was to the table at CES, Royale made quite an impression with their innovative invention, the Chinese Brand sparked much conversation and approval on social media alone for the FlexPai.  Samsung threw their hat in the ring with hints towards their Infinity Flex Display late last year, but stayed away from the competition during this year’s CES.

Digital Trends

Google, who’re no stranger to pioneering tech trends, had plenty to announce at this year’s conference, and it mainly surrounded their continued concentration on their Google Assistant.  Competing against Amazon’s Alexa, Google are striving to integrate their Assistant with all of their devices to bring all round connectivity in and outside of the home!


LG gained quite some attention by introducing their new OLED TV, evolving from last year’s wall mounted innovative design; this year’s LG OLED was introduced into a Dolby Atmos soundbar. Clever.  Panasonic however focused on their delivery on colour, working with Hollywood colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld to deliver the best and most accurate colour.


Also blowing minds last week was wearable tech, tech for the home including fridges, soundbars, wrinkle removing dryers and even toilets, and automotive displays from Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and Panasonic, not to mention lighter laptops and Huawei’s debut into the laptop ring!


Excitement booms from this tech and digital trends event each year, before during and after for tech enthusiasts and business minds a like, from the small brands making a name for themselves to the giants we know and love and come to expect the groundbreaking developments from. Next year’s dates have already been announced as 7th – 10th January and we’re excited already!

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