We’re taking this Mental Health Awareness Week as our opportunity to speak to you as businesses and business managers, encouraging you to open up the discussion around mental health in your workspace.


The Royal Family are pushing the issue to the forefront of the media this week which is where it should stay until we as a nation are comfortable talking about our mental health and in reaching out for the help that we might need. Amazingly the stigma attached to admitting we’re struggling, in one way or another, still rules, stopping those in need from sharing their feelings of anxiety, stress, panic or depression with friends and family or professionals who could help.


Often it may be personal issues which trigger or develop a mental health issue or as is also often the case, people are just predisposed to be affected by mental health issues, however, workplace stress accounts for or adds to anxiety and stress-related illnesses for many, so with this in mind, it should be something that workplaces are eager to put right.


If you’re thinking that this will cost you time and effort that should be spent growing your business,  it might encourage you to know that you’re doing your business a service too.  Your employees are one of your biggest assets, so keeping them healthy and happy is not only kind and compassionate human behaviour but good business too.

“Addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity by as much as 12%:” (Mental Health Foundation)


We have plenty of blogs covering the topics of workplace wellness and how to help employees and colleagues who you fear may be struggling.  Hop over and take a quick read to give you the inspiration and the motivation to make a positive change to your workplace this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek


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