Whether you work from bustling coffee shops or a corporate cubicle, it has never been more important to consider your wellbeing during your working day. Incorporating wellness into your daily routine will undoubtedly increase productivity, creativity and make you a whole lot happier while you work. Take a look at our workforce planning methods for improving your wellbeing from your desk.

  • Get Moving

Keeping your body moving is essential for you mental and physical health, and means that your brain will not switch off and wander from your workflow. Alternate between sitting and standing regularly, and make sure you raise your computer screen to be in line with your eyes, reducing neck strain. Programs such as Move and Big Stretch Reminder can be installed onto your desktop to make keeping active at your desk fun and easy.

  • Clear the Air

We function a lot easier when we have fresh air to breathe, so try and always keep a window open to promote constant airflow, refreshing your brain. If this isn’t possible, look into getting an air purifier for your work environment, or fill your space with plants, which not only produce oxygen, they also inspire creativity and create a feeling of wellness and peace.

  • Make it Personal

Display a few personal items on your desk or working area, such as pictures, tickets and trinkets. This actually helps to reduce stress and dissatisfaction, whilst making you feel more at home and comfortable in your surroundings. However, make sure you don’t clutter your environment with items as it may then become distracting and reduce the space you have for working.

Incorporate Wellbeing at Workspace

  • Find the Light

Try and work in natural light with windows close-by, as being closer to nature will give you a greater sense of wellbeing and peace, especially at times when your work may be causing your stress. Artificial office lights can cause eye strain and nausea, so even if you have no natural light nearby, try to work with a smaller desk light or take regular breaks to step outside.

  • Take a Moment

If you need a break from your daily working environment, find a private space to escape to where you can comfortably work alone. If you just need a quick breather and can’t get away from your desk, use an app like Headspace to follow a quick guided meditation, with the aim of finding calm and regaining focus.

  • Design Your Space Accordingly

Look at your workspace and consider all five senses; how does it smell, feel, sound, and what can you see? Adding pops of colour such as yellow and green is proven to increase productivity, and ensuring that you are completely comfortable and relaxed without overloading your senses, will allow your wellbeing to flourish.

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