If you’ve never used a recruitment agency or talent management agency before, you’ll know first hand the work that goes into sourcing a candidate, that you have to do this multiple times before you even get to the CV screening and interviews, which are undoubtedly time-consuming in themselves. You’ll also know that you or your HR department are torn away from other responsibilities until your candidate is placed.  Recruitment agencies can lift this responsibility, take on the whole process and save you time and money in the long run, so why would you not consider using an agency? We’re looking at the top five benefits of using a recruitment agency.


Why wouldn’t you want to tap into the knowledge of an expert? Talent management agencies are experts in what they do; this is their industry, they understand the process, best practice and how to find candidates – not only this but the best candidates for your opening. They have expertise in screening CVs and interviewing candidates, knowing what to look for, skills to concentrate on and the right questions to ask. You might have interviewed a few candidates in your time, but between the team of recruitment professionals that you hire, their experience is bound to rival that within your firm.  So, what other benefits can all of this experience bring you?


Gain efficiency in the process; from start to finish the recruitment process can be a lengthy one,  both time and resource consuming. By outsourcing, your candidates will be sourced and secured much more quickly than if you were to do this in-house.  These experts have a smooth operation for sourcing, screening and selecting. Prepare to have your position filled in less time with a recruitment agency than if you were plodding through the process alone.  

Talent discovery


Access to more candidates is one of the significant benefits of using a recruitment agency; agencies have networks of potential candidates just waiting to be placed. They have the resources to market the position to gain the maximum reach possible and open the post to as many candidates as possible; recruitment agencies advertise their clients’ job openings through job sites, their own leads and headhunters, and their own social media. Not only will you be getting your vacancy filled quickly, but you’ll also be getting a better candidate pool to start with.


The effort is removed from your shoulders and the shoulders of your team,  who need to focus their energy on running and growing your business, and placed in the safe hands of recruitment professionals.  If you’re looking to replace a key member of staff or to increase your team due to demand, you and your whole team are more than likely already stretched, don’t include sourcing a new team member to that list of responsibilities. With a recruitment agency that you trust, you can feel comfortable to call on them when you need their services again and again and know that they will reliably fill your vacant positions.

By taking advantage of this skill and expertise, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of using a recruitment agency. You’ll be saving your people extra work and effort; their time can be better spent building your business and serving your customers. You’ll also probably find that you’re saving money, both by increasing your team’s efficiency this way and by filling the position promptly.  The decision is yours –  see how outsourcing talent aquisition could work for you here. 

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