Embedded Talent Solutions

Our answer to the RPO

Expanding your team?

What are Embedded Talent Solutions?

Embedded Talent Solutions is Chesamel’s take on RPO services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). 

We alleviate the pressure and the cost per hire of recruitment for your organisation. Allowing you to outsource the whole recruitment cycle gives you more time to focus on what you do best.

Why Choose Embedded Talent Solutions?

We have a skilled community of professionals at our fingertips, ready to tap into and provide our clients with the skills they need when they need them. Our agile process brings quick response times, even for ‘difficult to fill’ technical roles, thanks to our team of experienced technical recruiters.

More than recruitment...

Chesamel can partner with your internal recruitment teams to build a talent pipeline across niche roles in marketing, software engineering, finance, engineering and many more

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Talent Lite

1-2 hires needed; dedicated talent acquisition specialist 

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Talent Growth

2-6 hires with dedicated in-house talent acquisition specialist 

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Talent Accelerate

6-12 hires with dedicated in-house talent acquisition specialist 

How can you react to unprecedented growth?

Accelerate + : A bespoke package to meet your needs offering the greatest amount of agility to meet business goals. 

This will also include 12+ hires; talent acquisition specialist is fully embedded into clients offices for the duration of the contract 


Increasing the support to your business when you need it. A tailored made solution for scalable growth.


Our tiered approach puts you in control of your organisation’s growth.

Culture Fit and Diversity

Going beyond the CV by matching the right talent to an organisation, providing new ideas to drive growth and achieve goals.

Technical Recruiters

Talent acquisition for difficult roles. We understand that technical & niche roles are often harder to both identify and fill. Working with many technical companies, we’re experienced in filling these roles and have a wealth of technically skilled individuals in our reach.

Cost Effective

No added bonus structure per hire, unlike traditional recruitment agencies (you aren’t paying a premium for employees)

Our Skills Bench

Our existing database and skills bench will provide you with the right skills at the right time. We have bespoke talent who will help deliver projects to deliver success for your organisation. Our existing database and engaged skills bench enables us to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

Greater Agility

We can hire and onboard new candidates with short turn around times, supporting through the employee onboarding experience and assuring talent is embedded onto the team, with relevant training programmes completed.

Want to keep your recruitment solutions a little more familiar?

We offer traditional recruitment too, with an average time to hire of 3 weeks. We’re always flexible in our approach to ensure your needs are met in the way you require. 

Learn more about our traditional recruitment today.

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