Last week saw Chinese New Year welcome us into the year of the Tiger. A number of complicated and exhaustive years have us ready for some new, powerful energy in 2022, and the Chinese New Year offers us just that; embrace the energy for the year ahead. 

The Tiger brings with it a vigorous energy. Those born in Tiger years are said to be full of ambition, with endless energy, especially when it comes to work.  They are daring, courageous, and brimming with enthusiasm and generosity, and confidence comes naturally, along with a sense of justice and desire to contribute to the greater good, helping others where they can. 

We feel a strong affinity to the year of the Tiger at Chesamel. We dedicated time over the past couple of years to redefining our values and outlining our Company Pact and we see these values reflected in the traits of the Tiger. 

We’re encouraging you, as we are with our teams, to bring this energy into the rest of 2022 and apply it to your work, business and personal life. 

Chesamel & The Tiger

Be Brave : Be Daring & Ambitious

Be Brilliant – Be Enthusiastic & Confident 

Be Human : Be Generous 

Be The Customer : Be committed to helping others

Explore our company pact and the culture we strive for at Chesamel

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