Growth marketing includes rapid sourcing, connection, acquisition and retention of customers through marketing and re-marketing to existing customers. Engagement is what we’re really looking at when we discuss growth marketing and a growth marketing team can ensure that the focus is there in your company to do this effectively.

In 2019 building a growth marketing team should at least be something you are aware of, if not planning on implementing or in the process of building. Your marketing department’s ultimate job is to grow your business, but your growth marketing team operates in a way which analyses the data and communicates and engages customers for longer-term retention and more invested interaction.  More traditional marketing forms take the approach of driving information to the consumer or (business in B2B) whereas growth marketing concentrates on testing variations of marketing campaigns, reacting to these results, providing valuable content and working with SEO, connecting the customer and continuing to drive value to them throughout the relationship with the brand to lengthen and strengthen it.

To grow and strengthen your business, you’ll want to consider building your own growth marketing team to help you do it right, to lay the right foundations for your customer base.  We’ve already covered the why, but now the who:


Growing Your Growth Marketing Team

Your team will be your driving force toward successful growth marketing which means that picking these individuals should be an essential part of your growth strategy.  Begin with knowing who you need, who you’re looking for; the nature of growth marketing, to build strong, lasting customer relationships means a strong team on both the back end and the front end.

Growth Marketing Team

Growth Manager / Growth Lead

It’ll come as no surprise that your team will need a leader and this will come in the form a VP Of Marketing or a Growth Lead, whatever you decide to call the role, depending upon your current team, your leader will manage the team, work on strategy and oversee all of your team’s activity.


Full Stack Developer

Developers allow your team to connect smoothly and effectively with the consumer from start to finish. The title of ‘Developer’ covers a rather large scope, so why should you look for a ‘Full Stack Developer’?  A Full Stack Developer is a professional who is versed in all areas of development, from the front end of operating systems to the backend – the full stack. For your team to have access to these skills, means that they’ll be more likely able to fulfil their plans to engage with customers well.


Content Lead

You should have accepted by now that content is king.  It’s true, and your content will primarily drive your engagement with your customers, so your content lead is an important role.  This person will strategise with your overall marketing lead and oversee all content which is created and communicated and will work closely with your Social Media & Community Manager.


Social Media & Community Manager

The most open route for two way communication between brands and customers is social media; this is the best and most available way to cultivate a community, readily available to convert into invested customers, so your Social Media or Community Manager will be vital to your growth marketing team.

Kid Playing Jenga

Project Manager

Your project manager should be the one person who is concerned with driving individual projects forward: they’re the force that ensures everything is moving at the pace which it should be running.  Your whole team will be concentrating on driving their individual parts of their project forward, but coordination will be brought together through your Project Manager.


Data Analyst

Is it working? Is your growth marketing team gaining the success that they’re aiming for? Your Data Analyst is there to help your whole team know what it is working and what it isn’t and make adjustments where they’re needed.  Marketing is all about responding to the data that you have created and reading it so that you can improve; a dedicated Data Analyst can do this for the team.


Growth Hacker

Your Growth Hacker may sound like someone who’s ready to hack your systems, but this is where your ideas both come from and develop – your creative hub.  Your Growth Hacker looks at the company’s growth in a similar way to your Data Analyst but from a creative perspective, looking at ideas and asking why you’re doing this and how it could maybe be improved.


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