Google Digital Garage skills training is a great way for everyone from over the age of 16 up to at least 100 to learn something new and expand their horizons. The Google digital skills training helps people with their personal, professional, and business lives and it is aimed at both individuals as well as companies, overall people who are looking to start a new business or re-purpose and refocus an existing skills.


Specifically, Google Digital Skills training can:


  • Generate awareness of the opportunities available on the internet and how to best utilise them.


  • Coach people who are starting out online on how to take their first digital steps and teach them how to use a computer, tablet, and smartphone from any level.  In addition, the ‘first steps digital skills training’ can assist those who are having technical issues or would like to learn how to use their devices better, download and learn how to use an app or would like to become aware of the different capabilities their devices can offer.


  • Be very helpful to everyone who’d like to learn how to safely use the internet, make purchases, safely use wifi, and learn how to overall protect themselves while online.  Moreover, Google digital training can offer useful prevention tips and steps to take to avoid online scams in addition to very useful advice on what to do in case you do get scammed online.    


  • Teach people how to build their cvs, cover letters, presentations and how to create and manage emails and spreadsheets.


  • Assist individuals in learning to create a strategy, coach them on how to construct their online presence and teach them how to tactfully build their personal brand online.

Google Digital Skills Training

  • Showcase the ways in which digital technology affects businesses and how they can incorporate marketing, advertising, and social media to build better online marketing plans. These can all lead to increased revenue on investment, higher exposure, and more clients.


  • Educate companies and employees by explaining various digital marketing channels and learning when and how to use them. Moreover, with Google digital skills training you can combine all the digital marketing channels and learn how to apply and utilise them to build a digital marketing plan.


  • Offer a practical knowledge on how to create a digital advertising plan and how to execute ads such as pay-per-click and display ads on Google, as well as social media advertising.  Google digital skills training can also teach you how to measure the success of the digital advertising plan.


  • Offer small businesses and individuals valuable tips on how to build a social media strategy and, further, how to write for social media.  This valuable Google digital training offers ample advice and fantastic tools that will assist you with pinpointing the appropriate social media channel(s) for you and how to develop a brand tone of voice, utilizing proven methodology and offering helpful writing techniques.


  • Help you interpret web analytics that can drive fact-based business decision making.



  • Guide you on how to write a business plan for a new business idea, or for a company that you already work for, or for a business you have already started but are stumbling over how to make profitable.   


Google digital skills training can assist anyone and everyone; from people looking for a career change, to expand their skills, learn something new, build a business or overall aspire to further develop their knowledge and skill set.  



Guest Blogger, Lina Poka:  “Lina built a very successful marketing career in Toronto, Canada before moving to Edinburgh and holds a BBA & an MBA from the prestigious Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada; and for the past six years Lina has run her own marketing consulting company.  Lina’s career has enabled her to manage teams of up to 50 people, build numerous websites and apps with millions of visitors & downloads, work on a project for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, broker deals with huge American & Canadian retailers and receive numerous international marketing awards.”

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