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Safer Internet Day

Wednesday was Safer Internet Day, this is an incredibly important day to acknowledge, support and promote.  The Digital Garage held their own digital skills training events which helped individuals and families learn how to keep themselves safe online and we recognised the day of learning opportunities too. 


It’s good news for Twitter, who have reported their first year of profitability.  They reported a 23% rise year on year in revenue which has lead to this first year of profitability.

An increase in Ad campaigns and the amount of Ad engagements is one of the reasons expected to have helped this growth, however, Twitter have also reported a struggle in onboarding new Twitter members. 

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Facebook Communications

This is news that we think is brilliant, Facebook has announced changes to their Facebook page settings, so those businesses who have Facebook pages will be able to interact in groups, reaching customers who are in their target market! They’ve also announced some other functions to make direct messaging between business pages and their customers both on Facebook and Instagram easier to access, in one place.

Say Goodbye to Google Plus

Thanks to a bug recently experienced by Google, the closure of Google Plus has been accelerated and is now due to close down in April of this year, as opposed to August as was previously announced.  This is a tool used by many businesses, however, has never blossomed like so many other social media platforms, so unfortunately if this one that you use, get ready to say goodbye to Google Plus!

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