We love this time of the week, not only is it the weekend, but we love sharing the things we’ve come across during the last week with everyone we can! We’re all things marketing, recruitment and business innovation over here so without further ado, here are this week’s weekly picks!


  • National Storytelling Week.

Appreciating the influence that we experience through storytelling, from our childhoods through to adulthood, in personal and working lives, the act of storytelling can be a powerful one.

Storytelling not only requires imagination but provokes it, inspiring new perspectives, escapism and creativity.  In this digital age, storytelling has taken on its own meaning; when related to online digital media, storytelling is now huge part of social media, video and marketing.


  • The Creative Curve.

We’re all for self-improvement and learning to discover a better and more powerful you!  This myth-busting book by Allen Gannett, breaks down the ideology around the creative genius and professes that almost anyone could, in fact, arrive at a creative breakthrough!

Business Trends

  • Connecting With GenZ

Adweek brought together a panel of GenZ, entrepreneurs to speak to the ‘big brands’ about how to connect with the mysterious generation!  Tiffany Zhong of Zebra IQ, Andy McCune of Unfold app, Drake Rehfeld of Demeanor and Dylan Gambardella of Next Gen Summit all give their take on what’s working for brands, what isn’t and how things will progress.  It’s worth the 3-minute watch! 

Business Trends


  • Is Monzo’s Saving The Environment AND Looking After Our Mental Health?

Monzo, the online banking app, was up until last May somewhat of an exclusive club with your only way to attain one of their luminous coral plastics being to wait it out on their waiting list or land yourself a golden ticket.  Now, however, open to the masses and eliminating pesky cash withdrawal or card usage charges when travelling, assisting with budgeting, not to mention jazzing up your wallet, they are also working with stores to offer itemised receipts right there in your app, eliminating the need for a paper receipt or trolling through your emails to find it. Clever!

In addition to this both Monzo and Sterling Bank apps have the ability to switch on a ‘gambling block‘ with the intention of stopping yourself from being able to gamble for the next 48 hours, so while your sensible head is on you can make decisions for when you might be tempted. Helpful for those who have struggled with this in the past or simply want to ensure they aren’t tempted!


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