We are a growth management consultancy which strives to be more than a ‘standard’ agency, by ensuring that individuals and enterprises find, not only the perfect role for a candidate, but also the perfect cultural fit.  With this, and over 11 years of expertise in HR, recruitment & marketing, we designed a new platform; DiscoverWork™

This platform enables companies to create engaging employer brand messages and videos, differentiating it from all other platforms. The aim is to give equal importance to both employers and job seekers, to enhance the talent experience. Therefore attracting the perfect candidates to their ideal company and vice versa. It’s a platform for job seekers and businesses to connect, and as nearly 80% of Millennials look for people and culture fit with employers, the intention of this approach is to build employer branding on a more personal level. DiscoverWork aspires to humanise the role discovery, by injecting emotion into the process, to ensure that their members are happy at work.

The aim of this platform is to personalise the job discovery process and differentiate it from other platforms. DiscoverWork has achieved this by offering specific types of accounts depending on what the member is looking for. This includes: the Graduate, the Explorer, the Start Up, the Freelancer, the Fresh Start, the High Flyer, the Established Worker and the Cloud Worker. 

Whether you are looking for a graduate who has just finished their studies and looking for that first big opportunity, an established worker ready to re-skill in order to continue their personal and career growth or a cloud worker looking for short term cloud-based projects to work on. DiscoverWork has the expertise to find the right candidate for your role. 

“We want to ensure our members are happy at work which we believe stems from them being matched with the right opportunity. We believe that company culture matching is of the utmost importance when navigating the hiring process, yet it is often overlooked.”

– John Cofie, CEO & Founder of Chesamel Group Ltd

With 80% of recruiters saying that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring talent, we endeavour to put this at the forefront of our process, DiscoverWork combines what is important to candidates and employers to produce an optimal experience.


DiscoverWork is a platform that matches job seekers and businesses, based on culture as well as skills and requirements. Providing organisations and candidates with the platform to create and promote engaging profiles to attract the best talent and roles. Improving the candidates jobs search efficiency, especially for those looking at high level positions. 

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