All of those working in digital, communications and marketing of any form should be aware of any new social media or messaging platforms that arise.  Earlier this month, Instagram launched a sister app, Instagram Threads. 

Named as a new, camera-first messaging app, Instagram Threads allows you to message your closest friends in a couple of taps, rather than reaching your whole Instagram audience public, in a similar way to how Snapchat is used to communicate. With this in mind, and the importance around privacy that has been highlighted by Instagram themselves, ‘designed with privacy, speed, and your close connections in mind…You are in control of who can reach you on Threads  it might seem unlikely that this is a platform which can or will be adapted to use for B2C.  However, business accounts are able to have a Threads account and it would be prudent to educate yourself as a business and get in early to watch this one as it develops; the way in which businesses communicate with their customers is rapidly changing and continuously evolving, and as always early adopters put themselves in the best position.


It has been speculated, since its launch, that Instagram Threads could mean bad news for Snapchat, whether this is the case or not, or whether as a business you do or do not use Snapchat as a marketing tool, Threads is a new way for you to create more personalised relationships with the consumer.  Take note and watch this space!


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