Working in digital media and marketing means keeping up with the rapidly changing industry; one of the best ways to do this is to keep up with digital media events and attend as many as you can or at the very least, follow them online, during or after.   To help you get on top of the very best, digital media events, digital marketing events and conferences during this coming year, we’re highlighting some of the strongest contenders that you might like to dip your toe into.


Digital Media Events in the UK


Held in Newcastle Upon Tyne, this digital marketing conference is one which actively brings all ideas to life.  Each discussion point and all practical advice given here is followed up with an implementation plan.

Topics already set to take place include: Live Video Confidence, Social Media Strategy, Webinars, Facebook Ads, How to Sell Online Products, Video Marketing, Content Ideas Generation, Messenger Bots, Sales Tactics and More!

Brighton SEO:

This SEO conference (held, clearly, in Brighton), takes the topic of organic search into discussion and fills the room with thousands of the UK and the world’s finest of the SEO crowd! For hands on learning and networking with the best of your crowd, Brighton in April is the place to be!

Digital Media Events

Marketing Show North:

One of, if not the largest marketing event outside London, Marketing North explores the expanding applications technology and techniques of the whole marketing world, including all kinds of digital media. Join them for their fourth year and expand your knowledge of the rapidly broadening marketing mix.


Social Day:

If social media is your game, this is the marketing festival for you.  Full of knowledgable experts and enthusiasts, looking for the very latest and most innovative of thinking and commentary, there are 20 workshops and 40 speakers in place already!

Digital Marketing Solutions Summit:

This summit is designed to allow the leaders, managers and CEO’s of your businesses to network and to cultivate business opportunities and to discover the latest ad greatest marketing solutions.  With a custom schedule of delegates you wish to meet with, your day at the Digital Marketing Solution Summit, is set to be a fulfilling one.

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