Author: Vanessa works with the Chesamel team providing marketing consultancy and account development for their portfolio of customers. As Director of digital marketing agency, Moth Marketing, Vanessa specialises in digital strategy, content and consultancy for growing brands across the UK. 


The Perfect Time To Learn Engage Discover  

Chesamel stands under its three brand pillars; Learn, Engage, Discover. While these principles guide our offering, they also guide the way our team operates and how we move forward in business. In the present state of affairs, while a vast number of us are working remotely, circumstances which are unfamiliar to many of us, we believe it is the perfect time to turn those principles inwards and Learn, Engage and Discover on a more personal level, to grow individually and collectively as humans and businesses. 


The perfect time to Learn

Whilst in our ordinary lives we thrive off each other to nurture ideas and develop creativity, during this time of self-isolation, we are navigating new ways of working and adapting to new routines and environments. At Chesamel, we understand the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, and how changes to working patterns can impact not only our productivity and motivation but also our wellbeing. With this in mind, we have adapted our Pillars ‘Learn’ to reflect our current circumstances and provide support, ideas and reassurance. 



The internet is brimming with well-meaning advice on how to use this unusual time at home productively; to take fitness challenges, learn to code, or read a book a day…  but this overwhelming noise has the ability to create internal pressures, making us feel like we’re not achieving enough. Rather than adopting trending self-improvement advice circulating online, at Chesamel we recommend taking a step back and taking an audit of your existing skillsets, both strengths and weaknesses, and what opportunities are available to take advantage of during the current circumstances.

There are two schools of thought to consider:


Growing Strengths; Identify your existing talents, skills that you’re already really good at, and that you’re passionate about. Then discovering how to refine and further improve, taking yourself from an expert to a master of these skills. 


Addressing Weaknesses; Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, that’s human nature. However, if there are weaknesses in your life, which by solving, would improve your day-to-day life, embrace this challenge and create a roadmap to improvement. 


During this current time of uncertainty, you may discover that there are new skills that become more valuable than before, which you could commit to developing in the time available to enrich your existing skillset. For example, with more people working from home and spending time on personal devices, developing social media or video production skills could be valuable for connecting and engaging with audiences. 


While we’re at home, it’s also important to continue to nurture our soft skills and communication skills which are at risk of dwindling while we’re not flexing our social skills in the workplace. According to LinkedIn, the most desirable soft skills are; creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence — which are needed to be successful in nearly any role. What is certain, throughout this period of uncertainty,  is that there will always be a need for people to be able to communicate and work together in a professional setting, just like they’ll always need to know how to conduct a meeting and prepare for an interview.

Explore Chesamel’s training and development resources to diversify and expand your skillset whilst working remotely. 

At Chesamel, we recognise that some circumstances are out of our control and changing every day, but what we do have control over is the capacity to be kind to ourselves, by listening to our own needs, slowing down and taking care of ourselves and each other, as we adapt and navigate this journey. ⁠

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