Last week we welcomed spring. After the New Year, this is our second prompt of the year to sit back (but only for a minute!) and take stock, so why not extend this into the workplace by reevaluating and sprucing up?

Rather than throwing out the old and introducing a new marketing strategy, this is all about making the most of what you already have and just polishing it up a little, reorganising and questioning if you’re getting what you need from your marketing strategy as it is.


Does your brand really represent your business? And does your brand hold the values you want it to hold?  While a spring clean is no time for a rebrand, it is the perfect time to just take notice of what values your brand actually exudes, are they the ‘right’ values, are there some values your team feel the brand should be promoting more, or less?  These could help to shape your next marketing campaign or be introduced on Social Media in your next month or quarter, or they might drive your partnerships in a certain direction, helping to round the brand rather than rebrand.

It’s also a great time to check in that your brand is unified across all fronts, including your online presence (social media, websites, email marketing) and your offline presence.  If one or more is slightly out of sync or off-brand, your customers and clients might not trust it, not associate it with your company or think that they’re on the wrong Twitter or Instagram page for example.

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Social Media

Assessing your social media success and strategy can often fall by the wayside, because as long as you’re posting something sometimes then you have a presence right?  Wrong. Your social media is a valuable tool in your marketing strategy and although you may not have the manpower to manage it to its optimum, you can manage it to the best of your ability and that involves some reevaluation during your spring clean.

Start with your followers, clean house of anyone you follow that you as a brand is not interested in, they’re clogging up your feeds and you’re getting nothing from them, leave everyone who gives you value or engagement, or anyone who you’d like to engage with still in the future – potential customers or brands you’d like to collaborate with etc.

Then turn your attention to what is getting you the most engagement.  For different platforms, this means different things – likes are a form of engagement across all social platforms, it also covers retweets, comments, shares etc.  Identify any content which is not generating engagement or giving value to your followers and avoid this kind of content in your future content planning.  The kinds of content that gain engagement should become your template for what works, but feel free to introduce some new ideas too!

marketing strategy


Now it’s time to take stock of your website.  Is it easily navigable? Does it provide the information that your customers are looking for? With the use of Google analytics, you can map the journey customers and visitors are taking and where you’re losing them on your site. This will give you a good indication of if customers are getting what they need from your site and if your webpage sells items, where and potentially why you’re losing the sales you lose.

Your site’s usability contributes to your SEO which should also become part of your spring cleaning. If you have an in house team or individual, or work with an external SEO company then great, but if not this could be something which again, goes unchecked for longer than it should.  See our blog on Running A Technical Website Health Check for more information on this.

If you can chisel out a little time for you or your team to spring clean your marketing strategy, you’ll be grateful you did, gaining clarity and refound focus and maybe even just improving your sales and acquisitions! Happy Cleaning!

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