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That’s how you say “welcome” in Arabic, and it’s precisely the warmth and open arms I experienced on my recent trip to Doha, Qatar. As the Founder and CEO of Chesamel, a company focused on catalysing growth and development through strategic resource management, marketing, and business transformation, I am perpetually seeking the next big wave of innovation. I believe I found it in Doha.

I was incredibly fortunate to be part of the recent Google Cloud launch in Doha. This was not just a product launch but a historic event—an undeniable signal of Qatar’s swift and bold entry into the global technology arena. Significantly, it also provides substantial backing for Qatar’s National Vision 2030, which has lofty goals of transforming the country into a digital economy through innovation and digital transformation.

The new Google hub makes Doha a part of a network that spans 37 regions and 112 zones, bringing Google Cloud services to over 200 locations worldwide. Recently highlighted by Gulf Business, the hub is expected to drive significant economic growth and job creation in the region, contributing a total of $18.9 billion to the country’s economic activity by 2030 while supporting the creation of more than 25,000 jobs in the same period.

The magnitude of this is simply tremendous. Now, businesses and individuals who are eager to participate in the technological revolution have access to new possibilities. It’s an important move towards bolstering regional capabilities that meet the requirements of the Qatari digital economy in areas ranging from data accessibility and residency to digital sovereignty and long-term viability.

But the Google Cloud launch was just the first stop on my exciting journey. The Bloomberg Economic Forum in Doha was another eye-opener and a testament to the global recognition of Qatar’s emerging economic might. It’s not just about oil anymore. Qatar’s vision is much broader, aiming to build a diverse, knowledge-based economy centred around innovation and sustainable development.

The conversations I had, the forward-thinking ideas I heard, and the level of energy and optimism I experienced were truly inspiring. Everywhere I looked, I saw the budding seeds of a tech powerhouse. From talks about how they’re utilising flexible business transformation to ensure a smooth migration, to hearing experts discuss how they plan to utilise data to drive sustainable change, and the various government initiatives planned to promote digital literacy. Qatar is demonstrating its commitment to driving technological evolution on a global scale.

This trip made me realise the immense potential Qatar holds, not just for Chesamel but for businesses worldwide. The Qatari leadership’s commitment to fostering innovation, investment in infrastructure, and dedication to creating an inviting environment for global tech companies are all reasons why we should be excited about what’s coming next.

The future will undoubtedly hold challenges. Integrating digital solutions on a broad scale, encouraging digital literacy, and promoting a culture of innovation are mammoth tasks. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my visit, it’s that the Qatari people are up to the task. They are ready to seize these challenges and turn them into opportunities.

At Chesamel, our mission has always been to provide scalable solutions to resource management challenges, foster marketing excellence, and facilitate business transformations. I see Qatar as a fertile ground for these endeavours. 

It is a beacon of opportunity in the global tech landscape, and we are eager to see how it shapes the future. To my fellow business leaders, I encourage you to look towards Doha. 

Hayyakom, Qatar. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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