Escaping your own mind is often one of the best ways to refocus it, taking yourself away from the task at hand.  Digital media and marketing jobs require much time spent in front of the computer screen so allow your mind to work in a different way, to simply relax and not actively do the thinking for 20 or 30 minutes; it could just be the reset button you need. Podcasts are a wonderful way to refocus and with so many to choose from as the podcast industry continues to boom in 2018, it doesn’t matter what your interests or preferences are, there really is something for everyone.


We’ve picked out a few podcasts which we think will give you that extra focus during the working day to get you through to home time; there’s a few to refresh and nurture your mind and plenty for the businesses mind too!


How I Built This:

The guests on this show will help you to dive back into your work tasks with added perspective and drive as you take on board the insights and experiences of the business successes which host Guy Raz welcomes.  This podcast is often noted as a favourite for business and marketing professionals, listen on the way to work to frame your mindset or midday to keep the focus!


TEDTalks Daily:

There’s no denying that TED Talks inspire. Download these podcasts to your device and have an in inspiring TED Talk at your fingertips and on the go, diving into the insights and ponderings of thought leaders of so many industries. Varying from 10 minutes to 1 hour, you can choose one to suit your day and your schedule.  Digital media and marketing jobs will benefit from the varied perspectives and conversation points guaranteed to inspire and refocus.



This is actually a meditation app, but if switching off entirely is what you’re looking for to refocus your mind before returning to your digital media and marketing job, this really is the app for you.  If you’re new to meditation then that’s fine too, this app takes you from 0 to meditation and mindfulness hero. 


Goal Digger:

This podcast has been particularly noted in the world of female entrepreneurs, as hosted by Jenna Kutcher, a strong female entrepreneur in her own right.  You’ll be motivated, inspired and learn a thing or two too from both Jenna and the guests she regularly welcomes, all just #girlbossing their way through the business world!


Bucci Radio:

This one straddles both life and workplace focus; with titles like ‘4 Tips To Avoid & Overcome Burnout in Your Life & Business’, you’ll find tips to help you succeed in digital media and marketing jobs, bringing new ideas, approaches and hacks to handle the working environment.



Calm is another guided meditation app which offers numerous sessions for whatever you need in that moment.  There’s sessions for walking, sleeping and stress-busting, but the one you might like to try is the under the ‘focus’ tab. This option allows you to switch off for a moment (choose your length of time) but also gain the focus you need to complete a productive day, morning or afternoon. A few that you might like to explore are ‘staying on track’, ‘Deep Concentration’ or ‘mindfulness at work’.


Social Media Marketing:

Last but not least, this podcast comes from Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner, so you know it’s going to be jam packed full of useful tips, rules and updates to transfer into your digital media and marketing jobs.  Taking your mind away from your own work and giving you a refreshed and refocused insight into another corner of the social media world could be just what you need to return totally focused!


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