In the same way that we analyse the business trends for the upcoming year, as we work so closely with technology in all that we do, we’re very eager to explore the trends which will be taking the tech industry by storm in the coming year.  Which technologies will be disrupting the business world in 2020?


5G is now a reality and will be growing even more in 2020. With more rapid communications increasing, the already mobile-centric consumer trend will only intensify.  For businesses, this means that digital communications with customers will also intensify, along with the demand and expectation of rapid response and unlimited accessibility to information and services. Are you ready to provide that in 2020?

In addition to the external repercussions, internally, connections will be much improved. Slow internet connections can be eliminated, improving workflow, use of large files and downloads and remote working.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Each year analytical capabilities and programmes develop. In the next year, we’ll be seeing more use of prescriptive analytics. One step ahead of predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics can help businesses to not only analyse the raw data collected and view trends and draw predictions but use this data to make more well-informed business decisions in the here and now.  Data is one of the most valuable assets that a business possesses and how this is managed and used to propel the company forward is one area not to ignore.  With the use of prescriptive analytics, options can be provided, based on predictive analytics, on exactly how to move forward towards better business success.

Vision Technologies

Ultimately the consumer journey should be evolving to be as smooth, seamless and effortless as possible. As demand for instantaneous information and interaction continues to grow, even the act of filling in information fields has become somewhat of a chore. The use of vision technology is what allows for things like facial recognition, making interactions almost effortless, incorporation of this into business models can change the way employees log in and interact and the service provided to customers too.

Mobile Commerce

Ecommerce is an ever-growing trend, cash never being exchanged; however, in reality, in bricks and mortar shops, the use of cash and even cards is declining too.  Mobile commerce via Apple pay and Google wallet is on the rise, for any business who offers in-store purchases, likely B2C, this is a technology opportunity to be very aware of. While this is already in use in the UK, other countries are leaping ahead with their use of these payment methods – be ready for this boom to take the UK too!

Technology trends bend and flex in ways we cannot always predict as technological advances are repurposed and applied to other industries to solve different problems.  Businesses looking to stay at the forefront of their industry, harnessing growth opportunities, need to stay abreast of the way technology is set to perform over the coming years and be open to how these changes may be applied to their own models.

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