Friday the 8th of March 2019 marks International Women’s Day, the day in our calendar marked for the unreserved celebration of women across the globe. Internationally there is a gender gap, in education, in pay, in overall equality; this movement as do many women’s equality movements strives for gender equality, not for the overriding power of females. Equal representation and equal opportunity is what is desired, the chance to contribute to change and development in equal standing to the opposite gender, which is why this year’s campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter.

By triumphing the achievements of women in sectors most commonly dominated by men, we can encourage and inspire younger generations to reach for greatness and innovation!

Throughout history women have never been short of innovation and strength, only of the opportunity to display them, in the past, through our blog, we have celebrated these women in history who have made technological or engineering advancements which have transformed our world today.

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According to these International Women’s Day Think With Google statistics, over 40% of those searching women’s rights online are men, which we think if great, the more curiosity and education there is on the matter, the more equality can grow and the conversation can open up.

Today in the Uk, we’re actually placing just over the European average percentage (33%) of women in managerial roles at 35%. Salaries and bonuses awarded to women are still, unfortunately, lower; women receive less than half of the bonuses that men do in the UK, weighing in at £3726 compared to the £7496 of their male counterparts.

In 2017 only 6.4% of the companies listed in the fortune 500 were female lead. We ourselves are a predominantly female office at Chesamel, male lead but certainly female dominant; diversity offers not only equality but benefits for businesses too. With diversity comes varied experience, different backgrounds which have built different perspectives, this gives way to contrasting ideas and approaches to innovation which can round a business in a very positive and productive way!

In our own businesses, in small or large steps, there is always something we can do to better the gender balance in our workplaces. Embrace this opportunity to take stock of your business stance, listen to the conversation over International Women’s Day and even if you’re already championing the equality and progression of the women in your organisation, join in and aid the conversation and help others to do the same!

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