Guest Blogger Misha Cunningham:  “Misha is an entrepreneur and business owner, with a particular affinity towards eCommerce. He is the current Regional Team Leader on the Google Digital Garage project and loves using his digital wizardry to help existing business owners and startups alike. A staunch believer in the Law of Attraction, he believes we are all the sum total of our most dominating thoughts.”


When you have a full-time job, there is a minimum number of hours you need to put in weekly. However, when you want to achieve something more satisfying in life, you will find yourself working many more hours. If you are anything like thousands of others today, looking to make their passion projects succeed, you will probably be putting in twice that number of hours.
When working on a side hustle, it can become that demanding. However, if you automate certain aspects of this business or delegate some of the tasks to a reliable resource, you can save a lot of time, get some rest and even develop an automated income, the holy grail of making money while you sleep.

With a plethora of tools around today, automating your site is the first thing that you ought to think about. Taking advantage of these handy tools can help you speed up operations and decrease the chances of errors. The sooner you can automate your business, the quicker you can relax or focus on other major aspects that need more of your attention. You could even take a digital skills course to expand your knowledge.

Ecommerce Side Hustle

Points of Sale and eCommerce Platforms

If you are running an eCommerce side hustle, one of the best tools to consider is Shopify, an e-commerce platform that powers your online store. It offers retail point-of-sale systems that deliver a complete, hassle-free business solution. Customers who arrive at your online store can easily place their order, and it will be processed automatically without you needing to be awake and present at your computer system. Consider using an eCommerce fulfilment solution such as Xune to further automate the process, having orders picked, packed and posted to your customers on your behalf frees up much of your time to do other things.
An example of an eCommerce website that operates on its own is Essential Wellness. In this example, orders placed on the website are fulfilled remotely, meaning the website owners spend less time with order fulfilment and can dedicate more of their time to other things, such as driving traffic to the website, setting up other revenue streams or continuing to trade time for money in full-time employment. To understand eCommerce platforms in more depth, you might find it useful taking a digital skills course to help increase your knowledge.


Chatbots Take Care of All Your Chats

When it comes to engaging your website visitors, another aspect of automation is the implementation of chatbots. The age of the human chat assistant will soon be over in its entirety as chatbots now engage customers and deliver the information they are looking for. Some customers do not even know the difference between a chatbot and a human response on LIVE chats.


Other Passive Income Schemes

Apart from an eCommerce store that may allow you to work, sleep or play while you make money, there are other means of passive income, such as Adsense and related advertisement schemes. These basically function on the basis of providing useful content and products on your website, which will receive visitors who have found your content useful. You earn from the clicks, the beauty here being that content can work for you long after it’s creation.
Then there is also referral advertising that lets you accumulate earnings over time. Apart from this, a growing number of people are making money with sites like where they post videos that go viral, and they earn from the views these they get. You can be asleep all the while, but as long as you get those views, your earnings will increase.

In summary, with some side hustle guidance, the right tools and a prerequisite level of drive and determination to succeed you too can easily have your own passive income stream.

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