It’s that time of year where many of us are taking a moment to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. You may be asking yourself where you next opportunity lies and training can be a great way to explore this. Digital media training courses and development opportunities might be provided by your current employer, but not all have the resources or expertise to give you all the training you might desire to hit your next career target.


If you’re asking yourself how digital media training courses might help you or if you need to invest your time here, then simply put, can you afford not to?!


Improving Your Digital Confidence

Anyone can benefit from additional digital media training courses, as the digital world never stops growing and changing. To keep up to date we recommend accessing courses where the hard work is done for you. Digital courses can start from the level you currently are, whatever that may be, it’s beneficial to keep training simple, find your level and build your knowledge in layers. Whether it’s developing a strong foundation to begin taking on practical tasks within your current role, or you looking to move into something more specific like a knowledge of digital marketing adding perspective in a digital role. 

Digital Media Training Courses

Knowing any subject thoroughly is a mix of theory and experience and digital subjects are just the same; having a deeper level of understanding through training can enable you to feel confident to make changes in your current role, take on more responsibilities or speak convincingly about marketing at an interview. Find the topic that suits your career goals and sits comfortably within your business and career to build your knowledge.


Gaining Industry Insights

Digital marketing training courses in a specific industry can allow you to keep up to date with current trends. Marketing is currently changing very rapidly in the digital world; the traditional sales funnel has had to adapt to respond to customer behaviour online. Upgrading your skills through training allows you to respond to those changes within your company, or offer something new to potential employers.


Receiving training or keeping yourself in the loop allows you to demonstrate industry knowledge and proactively see where the potential gaps are for improvement. Use your training to be a thought-leader in your role, start something new to add value to your business and get ahead of the curve.  

Applying for a promotion

If you’re reading this thinking about where your training is taking you in regards to the next step in your career, then think of training as feeling your knowledge gaps and stretching yourself. Ask yourself these key questions:

  • What does your ideal job look like?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • What are you good at?
  • What does the gap between where you are now and where you want to be look like?


This helps you to identify what your next stepping stone looks like and especially where some training may fill a gap perfectly. You may have even read a job description that highlights a skill that you don’t have yet – training is the most straightforward solution to this. By all means, don’t let a skills gap stop you from applying, but know training courses are a simple solution to taking that next step.


Digital media training courses can help you take the next step by increasing confidence, gaining industry insights and helping you secure that promotion by filling skills gaps.  Many online courses allow you to go at your pace, work to the level that suits you and have frequent knowledge checks so you know that what you’re reading is sticking! It’s something you can then highlight on your resume and start putting into practice straight away.



Guest Blogger Misha Cunningham:  “Misha is an entrepreneur and business owner, with a particular affinity towards eCommerce. He is the current Regional Team Leader on the Google Digital Garage project and loves using his digital wizardry to help existing business owners and startups alike. A staunch believer in the Law of Attraction, he believes we are all the sum total of our most dominating thoughts.”

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