Marketing might seem pretty easy these days with the unrestricted access to free marketing tools such as social media and the influx of influencer marketing that businesses tap into, so why would you need a specialist Growth Marketing Agency to help you grow your audience and grow your business?


Firstly, we hope as business professionals, you know that the above is nowhere near true. Marketing professionals are more and more needed as the mediums and tools which we use to connect with customers develop and grow to incorporate a higher volume of platforms to navigate both on and offline, and the customer journey develops and deepens with heightened levels of two-way interaction.

Magna is forecasting that global advertising in 2019 will grow for the 10th consecutive year‘ (AdAge)


Growth Marketing Agencies work with you to grow your whole business, and a huge part of this is widening and intensifying your reach and relationships with customers. Whether B2B or B2C, this could help you jump to the next level, avoiding the struggle which you may have getting there alone.


You may be thinking you’ve heard this term – ‘growth marketing’ or ‘growth agency’ more and more in recent years. The reason for this? Digital transformation is coming thick and fast for all businesses alike, the need for and speed of growth are increasing and sometimes a little help is needed, whether you’re a retail store, a tech firm, an events planning agency. 


How Do Growth Marketing Agencies Work?

They apply a holistic approach to growing your business.  While this can be viewed as marketing assistance, it is marketing from the outside in and the inside out.  A Growth Marketing Specialist will review how your sales and marketing team operate and build on and improve it, working with your current team to get it right.  


A Growth Marketing agency can work with you for a short or long period of time, depending upon what you want or need from them; it might be on a specific project or on your business as a whole.  Often if your business is going through a transition from startup or SME to something bigger, or just experiencing a growth spurt, this kind of holistic expert guidance can be incredibly valuable.

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What To Look For Before Hiring


You’ll be hiring this company to do a job for you, so as with any other candidate you should see that they have a good level of experience that you’re happy with and impressed by.

You may also like to check if the agency has specific experience working in your industry, this might not be a deal breaker but it will be an advantage if they have!


Meet Up:

If they offer a face to face meeting, to come to you or visit them, or even a skype chat then go for it. There’s nothing lost by getting more info and insight into the way that they work.  When a business will be working closely with the ins and outs of your agency and your workers, you need to know that they will be a match for you. Take the opportunity to be yourselves, ask what you need to and gauge their approach and personality as a business.


Do they practice what they preach?:

Is their own online presence up to scratch, their website and social media, email response etc.  A professional’s own work should be an example of what they can do for you: if an event planner ran a wedding fair event to showcase their services and it did not go smoothly, you are unlikely to hire them for your next event!


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