As we move towards 2020 digital transformation is becoming, more than ever, a need for businesses to survive and thrive. 

96% of companies see digital transformation as important or critical to their development” Progress Software claimed this to be true of 2016. Now, three years on, are we any closer to not only acknowledging the importance of digital transformation but really understanding why and how it can both benefit our businesses and be implemented in the here and now?

The immense capability of digital software, devices and skills are ever-growing and evolving, not to mention being priceless to the businesses who adopt, welcome and capitalise on them.  The big question when approaching the task of planning for, preparing for and sparking digital transformation is how do you start and how can our people successfully drive the vision forward together?

Understanding why 

Knowing why the digital transformation is necessary is vital to successfully driving the change forward.  Understand, first, what is driving the need and pressure for digital growth; the latest report from Altimeter Prophet stated that the external pressures were three-fold, these being: growth opportunities accounting for 51%, increased competitive pressure, 41%, and recent high-profile data scandals encouraging new standards of GDPR, 38%, are all drivers encouraging organizations to transform.

digital transformation


While digital transformation is largely focused on the introduction of the most recent technologies, software and equipment, the people associated with this are really just as important.  Employees are instrumental in driving your strategy forward; a successful transformation strategy will include its employees from the very beginning. Their skill sets, capabilities and ability to amalgamate with these technologies can determine the success or failure of the transformation.  When the people of the organisation are intertwined with the digital transformation it becomes part of the DNA of the company, and much less likely to veer off track. 

Providing opportunities for your employees to continuously upskill and train in the newest and emerging technologies is a sure way to constantly encourage a forward-thinking, digitally transformative mindset and company culture. In addition to this, practising strong communication throughout the whole organisation, and ensuring all employees are aware of and able to meet post-transformational goals can increase transformation success by 3.8 times

For more on Digital Transformation, download our report, available here, and discover what it is, why you need it, how companies can make it work and how to implement and benefit from it right now.

Leading as you mean your organisation to grow is essential in digitally transforming the company but also in transforming the workforce into an adaptable and innovative, accepting hive ready for any future transformations to come. 

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