We love the digital life here at Chesamel, we’re all passionate about the opportunities that digital brings us in each and every industry, although we might not all be code writing tech-heads, we do get excited for the possibilities that working with a digital agency exposes!  But ‘why’ you might ask, is there such demand for a career in digital media and marketing jobs, why are they such a good place to be?

  • You can start at any level; gaining experience in this field will stand you in good stead, so if you’re thinking of a career change, or you’re just starting out then you can easily start in a lower position and work your way up.
  • Upskilling opportunities are rife in this area due to the pace of change, so it’s never too tricky to put in the hard work and progress further!
  • And once you’ve worked your way up, you could find yourself earning a tidy sum.  We’re sure you’ve heard about the digital skills gap, which puts digital skills in high demand, a commodity if you will – and what then happens to the price of a commodity in high demand and low supply? It rises!
  • With such variation in the digital media and marketing jobs market, the opportunities available to you to move laterally or vertically are numerous, so you may like to take advantage of the overlapping and intertwining variation in roles.
  • The landscape is constantly changing and renewing your available opportunities as the technology which drives the industry changes and develops at such a pace.

Operating in a fast-paced environment might be daunting for some, for others this drives them forward, fuels their passion for their job. For these people, here’s a little inspiration in terms of what jobs are out there and why they are just a little enviable!

This industry is only going to keep progressing, we know that the digital skills gap is demanding more digitally clued up, skilled workers faster than we’re producing them, so the demand is well and truly there!

digital media and marketing jobs

These digital media and marketing jobs are both enviable and on the rise:

  • SEO & SEM:

Search is huge, this is not only a job which changes constantly, keeping up with changing algorithms and regulations, but it allows you to work with so many different industries.

93% of online activity starts with a search engine and ensures the continued effectiveness of SEO as a superior marketing strategy.‘ SEO is a strategy which all marketing departments need to be adopting.

  • Content management and curation:

This role actually covers quite a few bases, so the variety, again, can be vast. ‘Content’ online covers such a wide array, from graphics to video and copy to Instagram captions. The opportunity here to get creative through so many different outlets is appealing, to say the least!

  • Video and Audio Production:

Video is huge online, not something we need to point out as every social media platform turns to more and more ways to share video content easily.  This combined with the demand for better quality advertising materials and content makes video and audio production in pretty high demand, not to mention super interesting!

  • Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing too, is on the rise, the demand to be able to communicate with audiences on the device they now spend the most time is rocketing.  Specialising in mobile will put you on the cusp of exciting new development!


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