For many a New Year constitutes a new start, and for some this will include a new job, an upgrade or a change at least, digital media and marketing jobs are increasing in options but where, at which companies will you find the best choices and experiences and which kind of industries might you want to look into?


UK Based StartUps:

“In 2017, London raised more than double the amount of money to fund digital companies than any other city in Europe. Given that the UK is home to eight of the top 20 European universities and 40% of Europe’s tech unicorns already reside here, this is of little surprise.” Tech World

Machine learning is a big topic, it was in 2018 and it is in 2019 too, with plenty of opportunities for digital media and marketing jobs, so if you’re looking for a job in one of the fastest developing industries this year, this could be the place to look; and as for some of the companies you might want to consider?  Keep reading:


Phrasee is a content marketers dream, in a world where inbound marketing is taking the stage, Phrasee is helping businesses get effective content together for paid media among other things, using the response to your previous campaigns.


Loopme is London based with offices in New York and Singapore, this mobile video advertising brand professes to improve the customer experience with engaging ad formats which give better results, due to an optimal user experience.


Customer satisfaction is more important than ever, with the level of interaction and control that consumers currently have with brands, their experience needs to be seamless, to be handled well.  And Chattermill, based in London, is helping companies do this, by using machine learning to help create the answers and responses to the frequently asked questions of their customers.

Looking for the crème de la crème of employers? According to Glassdoor, the employee based review site, these are amongst some of the best companies to work for in the UK, the top four Glassdoor rated in the UK, all with at least a 4.5 (out of 5) rating.  Anglian Water are praised for their healthy atmosphere and flexible working opportunities, Bain & Company, rated 4.8, XPO Logistics, with ‘fantastic career opportunities’ and Bromford who have a 100% approval rate for the CEO and a 90% referral rate.

Digital Media and Marketing Jobs

Looking For Bigger Challenges Further Afield?

These global tech companies are amongst some of the best tech companies to work for in 2019. If you’re looking for possible digital media and marketing jobs this year, these are some of the top global places you should be looking.


Facebook is and has often been named one of the best company cultures to work for, and despite it’s recent public issues the company is championed for being inclusive, encouraging and fun, not to mention nurturing creative thinking and their effort to give back to the community, not a bad company to aim for.


With Glassdoor reviews like ‘A wonderful place to work’, ‘exceptional’, a ‘great place to learn and grow’ and ‘phenomenal place to work’ LinkedIn might make it’s way on to your list of possibles for new digital media and marketing jobs.


Hubspot is one of the biggest inbound marketing and sales companies, and as an innovative and leading digital company, it is also a forward thinking, employee centric place to work. According to Great Place To Work  ‘97% of employees say this is a great place to work’ and ‘98% of employees believe that management is honest and ethical in its business practices.’


Adobe boast an environment which allows their employees to grow, to be a company which cultivates development and promotes sustainability too! They also have a focus on the wellbeing of their staff, offering plenty of benefits and learning opportunities.


For years Google has been at the head of the game when it comes to company culture, and others are catching up, over taking even, so why are they still one of the hottest companies to work for?  Aside from their prowess in product development, Google concentrate energy on their employees and their development and happiness and were pioneers in doing so in the way they do.


There’s multiple factors to consider when you’re looking for a new career challenge and a new company to call your home, for however long that may be, so take a look at all of the factors involved in a company before making your move to one of these new digital media and marketing jobs!

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