A major independent study conducted by Capital Economics shows that the online food delivery company Deliveroo has boosted the UK economy by a whopping £372m last year. The company has added 7,200 new jobs nationwide.

According to the study, Deliveroo has helped increase revenue of partnering restaurants and their supply chain by £460m last year.

If the company keeps up its upward growth, they would be looking at a creation of 23,700 jobs in the restaurants they partner with and add an impressive £1.5 billion to the wider economy in 2018/19. Such a projection would also mean that the UK will benefit from taxes worth £200 million.

Deliveroo works with over 10,000 restaurants in the UK which are mostly small, independent businesses. Such restaurants have experienced challenges lately to keep up with technology and maintain online presence. Deliveroo has helped such restaurants to reach new customers and boost their sales.

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