The task of finding the ‘right’ talent that fits into your organisation and brings the skills that you need for your businesses to grow is, it seems, almost never-ending. An SME or any organisation that is pushing for growth on a continuous basis will always need new skills, and more talent to grow its teams. 

In past years, there’s been the speculation that the larger organisations are snapping up all of the best talent out there, after all, they have the best benefits, the best salaries, the most opportunities and will offer the best experience, right?  However, are times changing? 

As Elon Musk recently stated…

 “most big companies in tech have turned into places where talent goes to die.” 

Is this true? Is the age of innovation now secured with smaller, more nimble and hungry SME’s?  Now, while this is merely a very wide-sweeping statement (or Tweet, rather), it does deserve to be explored.

With the younger generations placing more emphasis on the kind of organisation they’re joining,  values and company culture really matter, as well as the ability to pivot, change direction and be exposed to varied opportunities within the organisation. SME’s, generally speaking, are well-positioned to offer this, companies not so large that you can’t possibly know everyone working on your floor, that your manager knows and understands your goals and aims for development.

Career progression seems more attainable with an SME, with fewer barriers, less competition overall and if the company is still well within its growth phase, the opportunity for expansions will be more regular too. Battling for your step-up in Apple, Walmart or Facebook would require a much more patient candidate. 

Opportunity beckons, with the desire for growth and ability to pivot as a smaller organisation, also welcomes creativity and innovation, so ideas are often heard more clearly and more likely to be actioned or allowed to be explored and followed through. 

“increased emphasis on innovation was even more marked in small organisations, with 47% identifying [innovation] as their new priority”

Elite Business Magazine

SMEs offer more scope for learning, development & growth on a personal level. To retain their teams and nurture the skills they have within the organisation, learning and development opportunities are often part of their strategy already and, due to the aforementioned better communications throughout the hierarchy, more likely to be considered if requested. 

While large organisations and international conglomerates continue to have their draws, their capacity to offer benefits and the status that comes with working for the brand, the potential for international opportunities and more, we’re not so certain that they continue to be the most highly desired, SME’s are being shown favour by the younger generations. 

We work with organisations to help them find their ideal talent with the right cultural fit to build out their teams. If you’re an SME looking to grow your team, and find the best talent, speak to our experienced talent acquisition team about finding the perfect candidates for you:

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