Living life as an entrepreneur, starting and growing your own business is no walk in the park especially with the digital skills gap we have in the UK; if this is something you’ve done or are currently working day and night to achieve, this will be no news to you!

On National Entrepreneurs Day, we’ve rounded up just a few of the Chesamel blogs which could help startup owners and entrepreneurs cultivate the skills that they might need to make their business a success.  

The digital skills gap is a huge issue spanning so many industries; even if you possess incredible business instinct and unmeasured inspiration and drive, technically you may still come across tools and requirements that you’ve never even heard of, but that you need to understand to move forward.  Equally, this may happen in the reverse, you’ve all the technical skills, but your management or inspiration is lacking.

Hopefully among these and the many other articles on the Chesamel blog, all of you wonderful entrepreneurs bringing something new to your industry will find the key to the skills you’re struggling with or even just the reassurance that you’re on the right track!

Dive in!

Time Management (Work Life Balance)

Workforce Planning Methods | Managing Time More Effectively

Startups In Scotland (Inspiration) 

The Growth Of Tech Startups Scotland

Common Social Media Mistakes For Small Businesses (Digital Skills)

Common Social Media Mistakes for Small Businesses – Bridging the Digital Skills Gap in the Workforce

Side Hustles (Inspiration)

The Rise Of The Side Hustle

Instagram Stories (Digital Skills)

How to tell stories with Instagram

Growing Your Personal Brand Online (Digital Skills)

How To Grow Your Personal Brand Online

Learning The Basics Of Coding (Digital Skills)

Why Learning The Basics Of Coding Is A Good Idea

Spotlight Black Tap’s Social Media Storm (Inspiration)

Black Tap: The Shakes That Took Social Media By Storm

Social Media Management Tools (Digital Skills)

10 Social Media Management Tools

Apps For A Positive Work Life Balance (Work Life Balance)

Apps You Need To Know About For A Better Work Life Balance In A Digital World

This small round up is by no means exhaustive, so go ahead and explore our blog for more inspiration, skill development and leadership tips, all ways to close that digital skills gap; and remember to celebrate your success no matter how far you’ve come on #NationalEntrepreneursDay!

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