Change in Organisational Culture in the Digital Age

As more and more organisations evaluate their positions in the digital age, there are a number of challenges that come in the way of success. Organisational culture is a key decisive factor when it comes to digital transformation. New-age startups born in this era are already showing new cultural set-up devoid of bureaucratic silos, among […]

3 Tips to Ensure a Customer-First Experience

Customer loyalty has become more important than ever in an increasingly competitive business environment. Brands that want to leave a memorable impact on their potential customers would need to think ahead of the curve and place the customer first. Leading organisations around the world have been attaching importance to customer touchpoints for a while now. […]

Why Allow Flexible Working Hours?

The buzz around flexible working hours is there for a reason. With a major chunk of the global workforce transitioning into millennials, we are seeing interesting employment trends like never before. It would be wrong to think that such changes are stemming purely from a generational gap. Technological advances have paved the path to new […]

Why Should You Focus on Growth Hacking?

The world of advertising is growing at an exponential rate with more and more businesses using digital marketing to get better exposure and ROI. As online advertising gets more competitive, growth hackers bag a distinct competitive advantage. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Ellis coined the term “Growth Marketer” in his blog in 2010. He defined a […]

Importance of Predictive Analytics in Human Resources

What is Predictive Analytics? “Predictive Analytics is a broad term describing a variety of statistical and analytical techniques used to develop models that predict future events or behaviours.” Charles Nyce, Predictive Analytics White Paper, 2007 Predictive Analytics and machine learning are disrupting a range of functions¬†within a business and human resources is not an exception. […]

Tips for Millennial Managers

In our last blog, we covered how the future of a workplace looks like. One of the many changes that are disrupting a traditional workplace is having young, confident managers around. Millennials are known to be quick-learners, much quicker than the baby boomers, especially since they were born and brought up in an age of […]