Madhouse Associates

Madhouse Associates is a Manchester-based fully integrated advertising agency. The managing director Peter Craven spent over a year in 2007 and 2008 with Chesamel managing director John Cofie on creating and solidifying the correct business strategy for their agency.

The Objective

Along with developing the appropriate business strategy, Madhouse Associates and Chesamel aimed to collaborate to engage decision-makers in the automotive, retail, financial and professional services industries.

The Approach

  • Development of a tight business strategy
  • Involving key decision-makers in the relevant industries
  • Utilising the company’s creativity and personal approach as an independent regional agency
  • Solidifying a client centric strategy
  • Presenting the agency with opportunities to create partnerships with established companies

The Result

Only three months into the campaign, the agency earned a partnership with the well-established Skipton Building Society, and settled on an agreement worth £50- £100K on an ongoing basis. The agency also had it’s visibility greatly increased, and was presented with 5 new opportunities a month, achieving a success rate of 20%. Within 6 months of the campaign, the projects ROI was achieved and a database of 10k qualified decision-maker contacts was assembled and given to the client.

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