What Does COP27 Mean For Your Business?


November 25th 2022 @ 14:30-15:15 GMT

What Does COP27
Mean For Your Business?

Webinar November 25th 2022 @ 14:30-15:15 GMT

Between the 6th-18th of November, Egypt will host COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, with a view of building on previous successes and paving the way for future ambition to tackle global climate change with multilateral, collective and concerted action.

COP has the potential to impact businesses in lots of ways, namely by introducing regulations, guidelines, and strict deadlines while forming new expectations and public opinion. COP also has a say in social responsibility, and businesses will need to consider improving or restructuring their business in terms of relationships, employee welfare, human rights, workplace health & safety and diversity & inclusion.

Are Regulations Changing?
How Can I Take Action?

Join our business and ESG experts as they discuss key highlights from the conference, dissect how the new developments affect businesses and provide practical guidance on how organisations can act upon the goals set at COP27 to achieve ongoing success, navigate climate risk and seize business opportunities.

We help businesses build robust frameworks for the future by identifying opportunities to develop and execute ESG strategies through workforce solutions and business transformation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the key outcomes of COP27 were 
  • Why they are important for your businesses
  • What should your organisation be doing in response
  • How to embrace actionable ESG strategies
  • How to achieve sustainable business practices with workforce solutions and business transformation

Presented by


John Cofie


Founder and CEO, leading Chesamel and helping businesses grow with our blended business model of digital transformation, marketing and workforce solutions.

New Starter Val

Valerija Slavina

Senior ESG and Transformation Manager

Val is a marketing expert and a passionate ESG and transformation manager. She is responsible for strategy development and implementation across the clients base. Val is managing key partner relationships in the ESG ecosystem. She is multilingual and has international experience working for start-up, private and corporate environments.

Is Your Business Ready to Adapt to the Outcomes of COP27?