MySQL and Database Management: From Beginner To Expert

There are no prerequisites to this class, other than a pc/mac, and a healthy appetite for learning new things. Database Management is of growing importance in the business world and with this MySQL Database Management course, you can become an expert from knowing nothing.

MySQL and Database Management: From Beginner To Expert

Location: Online
Duration: 15 hours, 40 minutes
Certificate on completion

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £20.

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Who is this course for?

  • Students who want to learn data management and MySQL programming.
  • Business professionals who want to improve their data management.
  • Those looking to learn a new skill.
  • Entrepreneurs who could use MySQL.


What will you learn?

  • An introduction for students to many of the problems professionals in the field of data analytics and data modelling face daily.
  • How to properly model a database
  • How to analyse and work with the data presented to produce meaningful and concise answers to problems.
  • Introduce data management in relation to app development
  • How to properly design a SQL database in code.


This class will teach you things you would normally have to go to a 4 year college for, most jobs now rely on some level of Data Analytics and is something new that businesses are willing to pay for!

Among other areas of data analytics, this course will focus in depth on MySQL, and what it takes to manage a database well, including how to turn these analyses into meaningful results for the business.

This course will begin with an introduction to and explanation of what MySQL is, along with an installation of the software and not one, but two free data models to work with throughout the course.   You will cover an overview of how data can be applied to all kinds of software, not only within MySQL. This second section of the course will be reviewed to test your new skills and ability to apply them to conceptive questions.


You’ll learn how the same functionalities and basics of SQL, can be applied to more complex issues as the course progresses. Relational databases are also covered, introducing the 1:m, 1:1 and recursive relationship as you cover more advanced relational databases, and introduce even more MySQL topics taking you from beginner to intermediate!  Recursive relationships are the most difficult to master, so you’ll spend a considerable amount of time learning this model. To wrap up this data modelling section you’ll cover some more complicated examples of model creation, along with the rules and standards of this field.


Moving on to newer and more challenging areas of  Data Analytics, Temporal and Spatial Databases, this section of the course will cover querying and data modelling techniques associated with these, and how to use these skills to reshape the database landscape.

Your final exam will wrap up everything you’ve learned into some final examples to test what you’ve learned and allow you to see where you still need improvement.


You’ll get to try out your knowledge on two real life database models in MySQL; an NBA statistics App, NBA Today, that you’ll use to model questions and queries faced by similar mobile applications. This will give us a chance to see how data analytics and data modelling is used to solve real world problems.


This will be followed by a business database model, a prison system that will introduce new querying topics and show what a business model looks like when these lessons are applied.


Take a look at some feedback…

“The course is good, there are lots of exercises to practice and clear explanations.”  

Good course. No complaints here”

This comprehensive course comprises of 15 hours, 40 minutes hours of learning and  82 lectures. This course is delivered by Udemy.

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