Recruiting and Interviewing Skills: A Step By Step Guide

As a recruitment or HR professional, do you feel a little lost or daunted when approaching the interview process?  This wouldn’t be the case if you could gain a better understanding of the interview process and techniques that can be applied throughout; this course can provide that insight, skill and confidence.

Recruiting and Interviewing Skills: A Step By Step Guide

Location: Online
Duration: 1 hour
Certificate on completion

Original price was: £50.Current price is: £20.

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Who is this course for?

  • Beginners to advanced levels.
  • Perfect for those who work in Human Resources or own their own company.
  • Recruiters wanting to improve their interviewing techniques.
  • Any professionals who want to learn and excel in the recruitment industry.


What will you learn and receive?

  • How to create the best Job Specifications for your industry or field.
  • How to create your own Interview Application Form
  • How to conduct professional and effective interviews
  • How to evaluate the applicant, post interview, to ensure you find the best candidate.
  • A downloadable Evaluation Form as part of the course – ready to use or modify it for your industry!
  • You’ll learn how to conduct a professional interview, analyse the applicant’s responses and ultimately evaluate whether you have found the right person for the position or not.


An all inclusive, step-by-step recruitment training guide for the interviewing and hiring process – highly recommended for recruitment specialists!

Stop dreading the interview process because you’re not confident in your approach. This step by step recruitment training will equip you with the skills and therefore the confidence to find, interview, evaluate and recruit.

For example, learn how to use open-ended questions in your interview among other interview techniques.  Open ended questions allow you to seek more in depth answers both at work and at home.

The course is based on theory, however, for learning purposes this online business course has been made practical.  The instructor, Don, believes that learning and mastering these interview skills first will allow you to create successful interview scenarios in your business as you will have worked through them already during this training.

The overall objective of this program is to increase the company’s success in selecting the right, qualified candidate for the job by enhancing the recruiter’s interviewing skills. Upon completion of the program you will have learned how to:

> Determine critical job requirements and relate these to information from resumes and applications (i.e. screening)

> Understand the different types of questions you can use in an interview and the kinds of information each can elicit (including EEO considerations).

> Understand the impact and effects of different interview techniques (e.g. note-taking, nodding listening, etc.)

> How to conduct interviews in a variety of situations so that information about both critical, objective and subjective job dimensions is accurately obtained.

> Portray the company positively, including EEO compliance.

> Provide proper feedback

> Make successful selection/placement decisions based upon information gathered through the interview process

This course comprises of 14 Lectures and includes 57 minutes of learning.

This course is delivered by Udemy.

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