Employer Branding For Talent Acquisition

As the managerial landscape evolves, management and HR becomes more of a marketing skill too. Get onboard with this trend and accelerate your business by understanding it;  being able to use branding effectively to attract and discover new talent is becoming a must in HR.

Employer Branding For Talent Acquisition

Location: Online
Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Certificate on completion

Original price was: £25.Current price is: £20.

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Marketing is increasingly not only involved in but a and required in the world of recruitment. More now than ever before, recruiters are in need of marketing and branding skills to brand themselves effectively to candidates.

Talent acquisition teams are working as recruiters and marketers, all with the necessary knowledge of and a strategy for SEO, branding and social media to keep up with modern candidates.

As new trends emerge in the industry, HR professionals must master the skills to keep candidates interested.  The course will help talent acquisition professionals to master employer branding and allow their organisations to attract the best talent.

Why does employer branding matter?  In an age of transparency, it does; it matters how organisations build their image and their brands. And tracking the effectiveness of employer branding efforts matters too!

This course comprises of 19 Lectures and includes 1 hour, 21 minutes of learning.

This course is delivered by Udemy.

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