Double Your Assertiveness, Confidence and Communication Skills

Discover the best way to collaborate yourself and to encourage and lead a collaborative team. Successful collaboration can lead to prosperous business advancements and exciting new ventures; there are no requirements for this course, only a desire to learn.

Double Your Assertiveness, Confidence and Communication Skills

Location: Online
Duration: 2 hours
Certificate on completion

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £33.

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Who is this course for?

  • people who would like to develop better communication skills
  • people who would like to learn how to deal with conflicts
  • people who would like to communicate with confidence and charisma
  • people who would like to become more assertive

What will you learn?

  • Deal With Conflicts
  • Communicate With Confidence And Charisma

  • Have An Assertive Body Language

  • Speak Up, Share Your Ideas & Opinion
  • Express What You Want And Your Rights
  • Provide Helpful Feedback To Others
  • Receive Negative Feedback
  • React & Defend Yourself When Criticized
  • Learn To Say No
  • Reduce Negative Emotions
  • Reduce Discomfort When Talking To People

For this course, you need only to be willing to learn and apply the techniques taught.  The course has had over 60,000 happy students who have completed the course, from 179 countries . It is build to improve your communication skills, you will learn from social skills expert, Alain Wolf; with over 15 years of experience, Alain is a recognized expert in the field of social skills and communication skills, you will learn how to deal with confrontation, challenging situations and difficult individuals.

You’ll learn highly effective techniques which will allow you to better deal with any conflict encountered in your personal or professional life.  These techniques will allow you to reduce discomfort felt and negative emotions experienced when communicating.

Learn how to provide feedback to others well, while staying friendly, and expressing your wants and rights with honesty and also respect for others.  Learn how to communicate with more assertiveness and confidence, the courage to speak up, share your ideas and opinions in a persuasive, calm and positive way. Plus, combat negative emotions and learn how to react to criticism and negative feedback, and how to defend yourself better when criticised.

Gain the power and confidence to say ‘no’ when you need to and are asked to fulfil unreasonable requests, without feeling guilt or appearing selfish.

Take a look at some feedback…

“It is Excellent…” Aditya

“Superb and well explained” Deepakshi

“The instructor is a fantastic communicator.” Jackie Miller

“A relevant outline and presentation on how to become more assertive while improving your communication strategy. Interesting and engaging approach to getting your message understood” Thomas Curry

This course comprises of 23 Lectures and includes 2 hours of learning.

This course is delivered by Udemy.

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