Complete Java Masterclass – Updated For Java 10

Ready to learn how to create your own working program using Java? Use Java 8 and 10 to learn how to do just that, in only 30 days. Even if all of the following terminology sounds a little confusing right now, you’ll understand it all as you progress through the course, which has no requirements, bar a computer with either Windows, Mac or Linux to install all the free software and tools needed to build your new apps.

Complete Java Masterclass – Updated For Java 10

Location: Online
Duration: 76 hours
Certificate on completion


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Who is this course for?

  • People who want to produce the highest-quality, creative software
  • People looking to go from absolute beginner to advanced Java expert
  • People looking for expert knowledge and insider tips used by the world’s best programers and top companies
  • People looking to make money ONLY developing fully-functioning, intuitive programs – whether corporate, self-employed or freelance
  • People who believe in hard work, and who aren’t afraid to fail before they succeed

What will you learn?

  • All the essential Java keywords, operators, statements, and expressions needed to fully understand exactly what you’re coding and why – making programming easy to grasp and less frustrating
  • How to safely download and install all necessary coding tools with less time and no frustrating installations or setups
  • Complete chapters on object-oriented programming and the Java API (the protocols and tools for building applications) so you can code for all platforms and derestrict your program’s user base (and potential sales)
  • How to develop powerful Java applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA! – Meaning you can code functional programs easier.
  • How to not only code for desktop platforms, but for Android applications so you can fully utilize this booming mobile marketplace
  • Java know-how for tools such as the Spring framework, popular amongst enterprise-level development (for big clients)
  • Advanced coding tips and tricks used by the world’s most in-demand programers as well as the top tech companies, so you can create apps not only for yourself, but as a profitable business on your terms, if you choose to.

As Java is the only programing language that will work across all platform without being required to be recompiled for each individually, it is the most popular programming language in use (TIOBE index). You only need to code once, then the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) does all the work to make sure your awesome new program runs smoothly on any platform, whether Windows, Mac, Linux or Android mobile. This saves you countless hours in rewriting code and means you can make your software available for download, on every marketplace!

This is the most in-depth beginner to advanced Java 8 and Java 10 programming course online. It has over to 230,000 students enrolled and tens of thousands of 5 star reviews to date, these comprehensive tutorials cover everything you need to know.

This course assumes no previous experience in coding and builds from complete beginner core concepts, showing you free tools you need to download and install, to writing your very first Java 8/Java 10 program. It will then explore the more advanced Java features, set to create awesome programs from the ground up, finishing with your industry recognised certification of completion.

Take a look at some feedback…
“This course has taught me so much. I’ve gone from newbie to pretty much an expert in no time! Thanks so much Tim :)”

“Value for money. Content is worth it & Tim’s mentoring is spot on. Love the exercises, they’re challenging and worth the effort. For a beginner, I am extremely satisfied. :-)”

“This course is very well explained. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to be good at Java”

“Really enjoyed working through the course which was long, but worth the time spent. Subjects were dealt with in detail and at a pace which was easy to follow.”

This comprehensive course comprises of 76 hours of learning via on demand video.

This course is delivered by Udemy.

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