Weekly picks for a wonderfully sunny weekend; what’s been going on in the world of technology, marketing, digital and recruitment and what have the hot topics been this week to Learn, Engage and Discover?


Weekly Pics #1: Transparency and Disinformation

Remaining an incredibly relevant topic, Google has recently published a white paper entitled ‘How Google Fights
Disinformation’, taking a look at misinformation on the web more specifically how they combat this ‘intentional spread of misinformation across Google Search, Google News, YouTube, and our advertising platforms.’  Worth a read for an insight into how this global firm is handling the topic of transparency and online safety.

Transparency and Disinformation

Weekly Pics #2: Digital Marketing

As we have been for the last few weeks, we like to highlight our weekly guest blogger in these weekly picks blogs. This week Lina Poka from the Edinburgh Digital Garage explored where and how digital marketing jobs are evolving in 2019.

Exploring Digital Marketing Jobs 2019

Weekly Pics #3: The Age Of Digital Ads

Although we all know that digital advertising has long made its mark on the world of marketing, Hubspot and eMarketer recently reported that for the first time, the spend on digital advertising will outweigh that of traditional forms of advertising such as print and TV.  This is largely down to the rise in use and demand for mobile advertising.

Demand of Mobile Advertising

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