Wilson James

Wilson James approached Chesamel in 2018 with a request to partner with them to deliver an employee booking and driver management solution for one of their globally recognised corporate clients.

Over three thousand personnel commute to the client’s corporate campus, on the outskirts of Stirling, Scotland, which is poorly serviced via public transport resulting in serious logistical challenge. The site also receives a high volume of visitors, who mostly travel from London via Edinburgh International Airport.

In an effort to create a better visitor transfer experience, shuttle buses were organised between the campus, hotels and Edinburgh International Airport. All managed by the “Visitors Management Team”, via emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and lots of paper.

The resulting service meant visitors rarely knew who their driver was, or where to meet them. As such, they relied on phone calls to make last minute arrangements. Each morning, drivers received a printed spreadsheet with a list of the pickups and drop offs for the day. However, they consistently received calls to ensure they kept to schedule or to advise of changes or cancellations.

This process wasn’t ideal, efficient, or pertinent for a renowned logistics company.

The Objective

To create an app to allow visitors and employees to request pick-ups and drop-offs from a predetermined list, directly with the drivers of the shuttle service. This aimed to eliminate the need for emails and the associated cumbersome administration, whilst providing the Visitor Management Team with an overview of all bookings, driver allocation and locations resulting in better fleet management.

The Approach

Fleetr was developed to provide users with an easy to use, intuitive booking application, available for iOS and Android, ensuring the efficient running of crucial services for fast-paced operations.

Fleetr provides:

  • Dynamic driver task views, assignments and edits.
  • View live driver locations with integrated dashboard via Google maps.
  • Real-time view of drivers’ assigned tasks and status.
  • Streamlined vehicle operations with intelligent dispatching to save time.
  • Positive user experience with updates on the status of their transport.
  • Driver engagement with dynamic management, keeping them organized, productive and updated.
  • Connecting drivers, employees and management with instant messaging directly within our system.

The Result

What began as a request to partner with a client on a demanding development project has resulted in a dynamic and exciting new business management product.

In the first seven months of operation, Fleetr completed over 2000 successful trips, tracked their fleet over 50,000 miles, reduced fuel consumption by 10%, achieved 100% system up time, and has lead to a reduction in the amount of staff required to manage dispatching and admin activities.

Due to this success, the client is now looking to expand the remit of Fleetr to encompass another 30 vehicles within their growing operational fleet in the UK.

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