Weekly Picks 15.02.19


In the love-filled week which is now behind us, we’re taking a look at the stories and developments we’ve found particularly interesting and sharing them with you in this, our latest weekly updates.

Weekly Pics #1: Valentines Day

Brands can get pretty creative around valentines day, it an opportunity to inject a little fun into their marketing message or even just show a little love to their customers.  While the age-old ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue’ adaptations soldier on every year, there have been a few pretty inventive campaigns this year. Take a look at this rundown of social media campaigns and by all means, get jotting down ideas for next year!

Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns Examples for 2022

Weekly Picks #2: Digital Trends

Our guest blogger this week has been Misha Cunningham who took on the topic of spotting digital trends and acting on them, following them and utilising them for the good of your business.  If you have one last business read before switching off for the weekend or you like to keep your hand in with some easy weekend reading, this is the perfectly useful and digital skills training insightful read.

How to Spot Digital Trends And Act On Them

Weekly picks #3:

Spreading the possibilities of tech development across the globe, Google Sandbox is an initiative working with tech scenes across the globe.  If you’re not in the tech bases of Silicon Valley then you may think that your rise to tech success is going to be a slow, painful one, which may never truly blossom.  Surely the help of a Google initiative & digital skills training will be of some use, and now it’s available to more, including a base in the UK.

Digital Skills Training - Chesamel

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