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Chesamel’s bespoke omnichannel learning centre consists of a host of workforce development tools, delivering engaging, relevant and informative learning experiences, accessible at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere. Every Chesamel product will be tailored to your business needs and customised to fit your organisation’s requirements.
By investing in workforce development tools such as the latest instructional delivery trends, alongside custom 3D models, video and animation to name a few, your business can benefit from a dramatic increase in learner engagement and retention rates. Our products provide learning in up to 196 different languages, giving your business global reach and maximised impact.

Blended Learning

Complete Training Support Packages (TSPs) developed to complement traditional classroom learning and enhance the overall experience. This helps to condense the amount of time employees are away from their jobs and provide our clients with an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

E-Learning & M-Learning

Today’s learner expects high-end engaging instruction that is available in the office or on the go. Our bespoke E-learning and M-learning products and solutions addresses the changing learning habits for office-based and mobile workers.

3D Models and Simulations

Bring your ideas to life using advanced 3D modelling, simulation and animation facilitated by artists who have supported major gaming platforms. Keep the learner engaged and excited with high-end graphics.


Effective use of video in learning can be an extremely successful workforce development tool and learning solution. Storytelling through video makes learning relatable, memorable and easily accessible. Our professional video development team specialises in providing instructional delivery, which captivates learners and causes them to sit up, take notice and most importantly, learn.

Platform Development

Mobile devices offer users instant access to content anytime, anywhere. Chesamel  offers mobile development supporting iOS and Android operating systems. Our bespokely developed platforms support on-demand services for a range of customers. For more on our On-Demand products, read here.

Custom Infographics

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. We can design fully custom, high quality infographics which audiences are 30 times more likely engage with than text articles! Transform your communications using these insightful, engaging, printable infographics.

Job Aids

Retrieve information whenever you need it. Chesamel creates high quality, visually appealing instructional content authored and managed by senior technical writers, editors, graphic designers and enablement specialists.


This is a next generation learning platform powered by a proprietary analytics engine. Its cloud first, mobile optimized design delivers an enhanced learning experience focused on actionable metrics, tailored career progression and social connectivity.


Enable learners to immerse themselves in real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe, risk-free environment! If you’re looking for a way to transform your learning into a dynamic and innovative experience, then gaming sessions might be the ideal solution.

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