Problem Solving In 5 Easy Steps

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Become a problem solver, someone who can approach a situation or dilemma with the correct set of skills and attitude to overcome almost any task that they come across; and it starts with these 5 easy steps. 

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  • 1 hour 27 minutes
    Certificate on completion

    Who is this course for?

    • Anyone wishing to improve their problem solving skills.
    • Anyone looking to build their critical decision making skills.
    • Individuals who wish to remove their own indecision and build confidence.


    What will you learn?

    • How to become a decision maker
    • How to choose the right approach to evaluating solutions and approach problems with more confidence.
    • Apply The Five Step Process To Finding A Solution

    • Avoid wasting time on ineffective solutions

    We face a vast variety of problems each and every day, in a variety of situations and they present themselves in multiple ways and sizes, they have consequences big and small, so how do you master approaching and overcoming them?


    You have the equipment; your brainpower is all you need to get you through these decision making opportunities, but having the ability to view obstacles, situations and tasks as solvable is the key to successfully finding this solution.

    By learning the key points to be addressed at each stage you can ensure that your making the correct decision. If you’re already a person who see’s problems and not solutions, then this course is for you, it will help you evaluate their solutions.

    Problem solving is about:

    Building the confidence to put your idea forwards.

    It is about achieving that sense of satisfaction when you’re able to solve the problem!

    It is about being and being perceived as professional in your workplace and becoming the go-to problem solver.

    The course introduces the things which need to be considered when coming up with ideas, evaluating them and determining if you have the right solution in the end.


    Take a look at some feedback…


    A very informative and useful course with good examples easy to understand and very applicable. This course will help in understanding and solving problem more effectively and efficiently.Rosalind Joseph

    Incredible course. I love this course, it’s full of valuable and practical information. The Instructor is knowledgeable about the subject. He has nicely summed up the course with great contents. he explained difficult concepts clear and nicely. this course is worth to watch. Faisal Q.

    Lot of tips to help solving problems, good course. Mazen Fahed

    This course comprises of 12 Lectures and includes 1 hour, 27 minutes of learning.

    This course is delivered by Udemy.

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