Inspiring Your Multigenerational Workforce


All levels of management are having to manage and lead a variety of generations who are all working side by side and have different working styles, expectations and skill sets; learn how to manage them all successfully.

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  • 1 hour 25 minutes
    Certificate on completion

    Who is this course for?

    • Board, CEO, President, C-Suite and Senior Level Leaders at a strategic level.

    What will you learn and receive?

    • Understand the motivations and motivators for the different generations within your team and company
    • Learn how to understand and harness the potential of a multigenerational workforce and develop towards a high-performance organisation so as to ensure a continued success in a VUCA World.
    • Develop your understanding of leadership effectiveness and how to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation through the development of an organisational climate that will contribute towards enhancing employee engagement and productivity during challenging times when operating in a disruptive VUCA business environment.

    The landscape to today’s workplace has changed, the expectations of those who are coming into the workplace today often differ from those who have been working for 50 or more. These demographics, and all those in between will however find themselves working side by side. The challenge then comes for management, who need to manage and lead this multigenerational workforce.

    Organisations need to take on the responsibility of helping their managers understand how workers’ expectations have changed and how they should be able to adapt their leadership style to suit these new conditions.  In doing this, organisations need to provide leaders with the tools and processes which allow leaders to reward and recognise, train and develop, and empower generation Y employees more effectively.

    Flexibility is vital to managing Gen Y and Z, by understanding this and adapting management styles accordingly, you can harness the potential of future generations while maintaining the loyalty of other staff.  This approach to change can increase employee engagement, staff retention and your appeal to new employees.

    Leading and Inspiring Your Multigenerational Team in a VUCA World

    In view of the disruptive nature of the VUCA business environment and the impact on the workplace, leaders at all levels would need to adopt new practices which will allow them to better lead and engage their teams.

    Benefit from the changes which can be made to all levels of management, which will allow and encourage multigenerational teams work positively together, teams to engage better and can enhance recruitment, retention and profitability.

    • The team can attract and retain talented people of all ages.
    • The team is more flexible.
    • Decisions are stronger because they’re broad-based with multiple perspectives.
    • The team is more innovative and creative.
    • The team can meet the needs of diverse markets and can relate more effectively.

    This course comprises of 14 Lectures and includes 1 hr & 25 minutes of learning.

    This course is delivered by Udemy.

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